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Written about Friday 2006-08-25
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I once met this woman who genuinely had so many boils she appeared to be leaving a sodden trail of copious amounts of fluid along the floor behind her. It was disturbing to the degree that I pondered for a moment, and really appreciated that I didn’t excrete any such substances. I also delighted in the fact that, unlike my mother who works in the emergency room, I’m studying to become a graphic designer. Hmmyes, and because of my adjacent association to art, I became aware that I don’t find Anne Rice novels a challenging read at all, shame really, because the books hold convincing substance, they just lack illustrations correlating to the narration. >.>

Perhaps sleep should be considered. Soon as well i would think.
I'm writing, perhaps too much, no?

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Written about Monday 2006-07-17
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[KillerQueen]:"i cant wait till panic..i'll be so happy i'll do pee pee in the front row..and then a man will come and go "did you just do pee pee in the front row?" and i will say "yes, i did do pee pee in the front row" and then he'll go "janitor! we have pee pee in the front row!" and i'll get so embarrased that i will hide on stage and become the bands new bassist even tho i cant play..and i'll be so excited and do pee pee on the stage..and then brandon will say "did you do pee pee on the stage?" and..i'll stop now"

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Written about Tuesday 2005-09-27
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fun fun.

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