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Written about Monday 2007-01-01
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The following is the story of my new years eve, pardon any bad language

After planning for the past two weeks about going to my cousins house for new years, my parents get angry about me bailing on their day old plans of going to this other families house. They were ruse the whole time dropping me off and later got worse. Upon arriving i found out my cus was still at work and i would be alone for about an hour or so till he got back. I received a message from a supposed friend asking where my cus was, i knew it was my stepmom. Told the truth that he was at work for an hour longer. i was then yelled at over yahoo messenger about lieing to go over there and the such. they told me to get ready and wait out side and that my dad was on his way to pick me up. about then my cus called and said he was getting of early and would be there in half an hour, but parents didnt care and dad was on the way. after having to trak down my aunt at a near by party to tell them i had to leave and why, as well as explain it to my cousin, i packed my stuff and waited on the porch in the rain for a solid hour till my aunt came home and told me to wait inside. my aunt was worried about me getting in trouble, and since she didn have anyone to keep her son company she was not able to return to the party. I continued to wait inside, ready to leave because i knew my parents hate me not being ready. another hour later i went into my cus, room to play some games, but by that time the fun was dead and he just drifted to sleep not expecting me to be there much longer, at 11 o clock. shortly after midnight i received a message about how great their party was and that my parents had left, and were gonna pick me up after the left. at 12:30 i found my sister online at home, when i asked about the parents she said it was just all a joke. that everyone over there was just screwing around and having fun, while over here, they ruined the day for at least 3 people. very fucking funny.

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