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Written about Wednesday 2006-10-25
Written: (4868 days ago)

nvm that last entry, my sister got on my elftown again, i don't know how she keeps finding out what my password is! it kinda sucks. i still like kal. today kinda sucked, cuz kal was all over sierra. she doesn't even like him! she was fiddling with her cell phone and he kept putting his arm around her. he found out yesterday that i like him. this was after he asked me to make out with him in the computer lab. he was kidding, but oh well. im going to nightmare with sierra on friday, and we're going to the mall on saturday. neither one of us got invited to kaia's party, and that kinda sucks too,, cuz they're gonna get so wasted. kristen is gonna be all over kal even though she has a bf, but there's nothing i can do about it! lol
well, g2g. buhbye

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Written about Sunday 2006-10-08
Written: (4885 days ago)

well, the disease i had only lasted for a month, and now i like bobby again. sarah asked him out for me and he is still thinking about it. if he says yes, it will be the third time we went out. on friday, it was really fun! i went to the roller rink in hatfield with kaia, kristen, sarah, sierra, andrea, and chastiti. Me, sarah, kaia, and kristen were asked to came again next friday by a really hot guy! he said a bunch of his friends were gonna be there, but i think i'll bring bobby with. maybe.

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Written about Saturday 2006-09-30
Written: (4893 days ago)

hi again. last night was fun and yet really sucky. it was homecoming night. i still have the nine month disease which is likeing kal, but now im going out with nathan berg, cuz alyssa g, alyssa l, and tosha pretty much forced us to go out, but that's just because they want me to b ehappy. im gonna break up with him though, cuzi don't like him like that. kristen came back for the homecoming game, and kal was all over her, and i think that they're going back out which really sucks. then i was really sad, cuz alyssa was sad cuz noodle was being an ass again to her. he follows amy's every commands. i have aslo been given the choice to move to eau claire, but i don't think im gonna. its cuz i couldn't stand leaving behind all my friends. nikki makes fun of me because i am gonna be in this town forever because so are my friends. she also called all my friends losers because they're not exactly what she has tried making me.

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Written about Friday 2006-09-29
Written: (4894 days ago)

wrote with a pen,
sealed with a kiss,
if you love me,
answer this,
do you love me,
or do you not?
you told me once
but i forgot
so tell me now
tell me true
so i can say i love u 2
of all the guyz i've eva met
ur the one i wont forget
and if i die b-4 u do
i'll go to heaven and wait for u
if ur not there in so many days
i'll know u went the otha way.
so i'll give the angels back there wings
and just to prove my love is true
i'll go to hell to be with u
dedicated to kal stimac, even though he is an ass.

homecaming is today, and we are gonna kick stanley-boyds ass to! me and tosha are walking to pizza hut after school, getting a ride home with nikki, and then we are going to eat supper. After that, we are going to the homecoming game tonight and after that, we are gonna go toilet papering!!

Yesterday monica and i toilet papered the bathroom at our school! lol

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Written about Sunday 2006-09-24
Written: (4899 days ago)

friday's football game was so much fun! i got a lot of kool pics to! i felt bad for alyssa, cuz she was having a mental breakdown. but i think shes better now! bobby and i have become friends again, and thats awesome! i also met his friend david, who is pretty kool. i think monica's mad at me now because she likes bobby and i was hanging out with him a lot. i asked him out for her but he said that she was to crazy for him. i think monica is gonna move to brf anyways, so theres nothin for her to be upset about! i wish kal was there with me. i like him and kaia is gonna ask him out for me! i love u kaia! kal is really hot, and hes really kool. hes like best friends with my cousin, tyler moore. well that enough for 2day, but im gonna start writing more.

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Written about Tuesday 2006-02-21
Written: (5114 days ago)

i was late for school and then i found out that i am failing three classes.

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