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Written about Wednesday 2007-08-29
Written: (4812 days ago)

I've built a new tool for artists to use. It's an action pose reference gallery. You may visit it, take what you need, contribute if you like... if there's alot of expressed interest, I'll continue to add to it... perhaps even integrate it into a wiki somewhere. Here's your link


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Written about Thursday 2007-08-23
Written: (4817 days ago)

My newest work of art, (and fully digital to boot) can be found on deviantART with this link


Hope you guys check it out and let me know how it is.

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Written about Friday 2007-05-25
Written: (4908 days ago)

Well, I've decided to give a go at digital art again now that I find myself with a tad more time on my hands. Getting close to being finished with the military. 4th of July I'm out :)

Well here's my new Work in Progress. I'm doing the cover of my best friend's novel "Clashing Forces : Renaissance"


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Written about Sunday 2006-09-17
Written: (5157 days ago)

As promised, I've got my latest piece of art uploaded and it's in my house if you guys wanna see it. It's the one I did while on my 24+ hour shift at work. Sorry I've been away for a few days because of work, missed a birthday :'(, but I finally got to see my wife for two days :D Yippeeeee!

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Written about Tuesday 2006-02-14
Written: (5373 days ago)

Well, I changed up my house finally. Spent some hours in the process but I must say, it's a pinch better! Plus I look like a BAMF on my pic. Yeah...

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Written about Friday 2006-02-10
Written: (5377 days ago)

Birthday in less than a week! Yay!

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Written about Friday 2005-12-23
Written: (5425 days ago)

I finished my website! Yes!


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Written about Sunday 2004-03-28
Written: (6060 days ago)

Well, i came to work to late and now I got to raise the flag at 5:30-6:00 every morning for a week!

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Written about Monday 2004-03-15
Written: (6073 days ago)
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I asked my German girlfriend to marry me today and she said YES! and she really loved the ring

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