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Written about Sunday 2011-10-09
Written: (3880 days ago)

ok so i just thought that i would write in my Diary cuz its been like forever!! so this is just a lil update! so i finally did end up living with mikki. i call her mom now. but anyways i have lived with her sense May 5th of 2011 till July 4th 2011. but then she kicked me out and i went and lived with my reall dad for just over a month i think. and then i got a job as an in- home baby sitter in altoona iowa. and then i lived with thoes people for almost a month i think. and then when school started i had to move out cuz they didnt need me any more! and so then i went and lived with my uncle kevin and aunt caryn. and then i was there from august 20th till just over 2 weeks ago. cuz they kicked me out cuz they read my journal and they didnt like what i had to say/ write down. and now i live with my "mom" again! and i go to Norwalk high school and yes that is in iowa! and all is good! so i hope you like my update!!

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Written about Thursday 2011-03-17
Written: (4086 days ago)

so going to live with mikki went out the window........... i live with my grandma now. who i hate just to let you all know!!!!

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Written about Friday 2010-11-05
Written: (4218 days ago)

ok so heres a new update. im not going to go live with my real dad or anyone on that side of the family because they dont have room for me... so im going to go live my moms friend mikki. shes like im aunt. but at least i know ill be safe. but im still sad because my rents want nothing to do with me and i dont know what to do. its come to either living with my "aunt" or getting emancipated and living on the streets.... and i dont want that............

im so sad but happy at the same time. all my feelings are all mixed together and bunddeled up.....

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Written about Thursday 2010-11-04
Written: (4219 days ago)

so i never thought it would happen. but after 10 years im going to go live my real dad, becuase my mom and step dad just gave up on me. idk what to do. i mean im happy and sad at the same time.......

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Written about Tuesday 2007-08-21
Written: (5390 days ago)
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i love a psycho killer monkey!!

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