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Written about Saturday 2006-01-14
Written: (5244 days ago)
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this is what a friend of mine wrote about us . .I don't know if she wants me to put up her name so I won't

  They've met before, this time in person. She wants him, he wants her. They both think that the other doesnt like them as much. She wants him, he desires for her. The two have a connection, but they dont know it. They have been having a long conversation, it lasts hours. He thinks to himself, "she is what I want, she's the girl I am looking for. I want her to be mine forever. Ironicly she is thinking the same thing about him. A few thirty minutes pass and made very little contact. Finally he makes his move, he kisses her softly, as does she kissing him back melting inside, not wanting this kiss to end. They both look away, both turning red. Their eyes meet, she smiles at him,
"your turning red" she tells him.
He looks at him smirking, "apperently I'm not the only one" he says. She looks down. His hand runs along her cheek and down to her jaw, he lifts her face having her look at him. He kisses her with a passion, her arms go around him, one of his arms go around her and the other hand still on her cheek. He looks in her eyes, she looks into his. He smiles, she smiles back. He softly says her name, she asks
"what is it?"
He tells her "I think I love you more then I did when we first met"
Her heart races faster. She sits down. He sits next to her. he asks
"Whats wrong?"
He's very curiouse now. She looks at him and tells him.
"I think I love you as much as I did aswell."
Surprised, once again he kisses her. She gets up and starts walking away. He looks at her puzzled. She looks at him
"If you want to know what I am doing, then follow me"
He gets up and follows her. He follows her outside, but when he gets outside she is sitting in a hot tub with only a swimsuit on. She tells him
"look up at the sky"
He looks up, as he does, she splashes him slightly, he looks at her smiling.
"real mature." He tells her
She smiles sweetly
"I know"
She splashes him again, he smiles and removes all his clothing until he in only his boxers. He gets in with her, he splashes her back, they go back and forth splashing eachother. They are having a great time. Then suddenly they spot splashing, they look into the others eyes. He kisses her. Her hands move down his arms. His hand moves down her body and over her breast. Her hand on his side. They look into eachothers eyes.
"You are a beautiful women." he tells her
She smiles and says "...and you are a wonderful man"
He blushes slightly and looks down. She smiles and runs her hand across his cheek to his jaw lifting his head up. Their eyes meet. Once again they kiss. He splashes her. she shakes her head, she splashes him back. Once again the war started, they go back and forth once again. He smiles and says her name once again. But as he said her name she woke up. She looks around to see if he is there and it wasnt a dream. Sadly she realizes it truely was a dream. Looking down she thinks to herself. "I wonder if this will happen in reality one day. I'm hopping it does and I know we both wish to meet one day.

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Written about Friday 2005-11-25
Written: (5294 days ago)

hello people another boring entry but hey this is safer than keeping a real diary atleast nobody in my family will read it :D

well I'm kinda relaxed again in a good mood. Maybe I'm about to die because aren't people supposed to be real relaxed or is it entirely insane? I forget. lol anyway I've already been insane it keeps me away from reality :D which is crappy compared to the workings and worlds in the human mind so I'm having a lot of fun living in my own little world its quite with fresh air and a lot of good music :D which I'm listening to right now like the song "How Can I Live" by Ill Nino good song great band you should check them out people well I'm gonna go now this is getting boring and people are talking to me on here and msn so LATER

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Written about Friday 2005-09-23
Written: (5357 days ago)

hello people I realize nobody really read's this stupid thing at all but it's still nice to pretend right? Well I'm going back out with maria my x that broke my heart most people call me stupid other's are just happy I'm not alone anymore I know she's going to hurt me but she is worth it

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Written about Thursday 2005-06-02
Written: (5470 days ago)

I'm bored as hell. I'm pissed off most of the time like right fucking now. I hate my x she's a fucking bitch and I'm gonna set her on fire and send her to hell.
Although I think I might have found a better woman anyway so I don't really care about my x. (talking about you christian)

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