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Written about Monday 2009-12-28
Written: (3930 days ago)

Alright im tired of you fake ass people who like to multipate people by using there love for that person to get your own goals or you use them when your life aint going anywhere and you have no one else anymore and you know they love you and would do anything for you and you run them down to nothing and then leave them in the dirt to drawn in there own pain. I wish you people would realize how much you hurt the person you do this too because in the end your fine and everyone else gets tossed to the curb. So to all you people like this karma is a bitch and you will recieve yours back 3 fold.

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Written about Thursday 2009-11-05
Written: (4535 days ago)

Life is like a dream because you never know whats gonna happen you just go with the flow and its never how you predicted it would be you could find love one day and they walk right out of your life and dont look back and then you could find that specail person and they never leave your side, but then you have people who play with peoples hearts and they know its never gonna happen that they are truely together but they keep that person around to use them because at that time they arent with anyone so they use them until they find another person to make them happy but then they come back when it dont go right. Then you think your life is going how you want it you think your job is good or your life is perfect but nothing is perfect you always have flaws and the only thing you can do is work thur it and be strong, everything comes to those who are patient and willing to fight for what they want. You have to earn what you want because happiness is never just handed to you.

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Written about Monday 2008-04-28
Written: (4538 days ago)

I hate fake people who say they are your friend and that they will be there thur thick and thin. Because when the time comes and you need them the most they arent there for you and your stuck out in the cold or all alone. The only time they are around is when they need something and always rub it in your face if they help you out and need a favor from you. Me im the kind of guy if i say i will be there for you i mean b/c my friends are my family and i never wanna betray them, but i can say i honestly have maybe 3 true friends who have been there thur it all and i will treasure that for life, if they ever need me i will be there and for the fake people out there go somewhere and jump off a cliff b/c you mean nothing to me anymore you all take advantage of my kindness but in all reality i have been watching who my true friends are and now i know so no more kindness from me you will get wats coming to u.

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