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Written about Monday 2015-05-18
Written: (1304 days ago)

I'm still alive and well.
It is strage that a place which meant so much for me once.. seems so empty. I'm sure here's still people around, active wikis and tons of fun.. but where? How did I get so involved in the first place? Where did it all go?
I can't promise I'll be back... not even that I'll try to be here more often. But I still lurk in the shadows.
I'm sorry for all pain I've caused.

I am well. I study, I have a plan for my life, friends to count on.

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Written about Friday 2011-10-14
Written: (2616 days ago)
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At least the hips is ok.


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Written about Thursday 2011-06-23
Written: (2729 days ago)

I'll be gone for a week or so :)

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