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Written about Sunday 2004-07-25
Written: (6112 days ago)
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I thank everyone who is wanting mt to stay, even though I will still be on elftown... but my parents don't give a fuck! They are making me go anyway damnit! I wish i could get them to make me stay!!!!!!

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Written about Friday 2004-07-23
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Today, I just found out that my mother wants to move back to where I used to live! I don't want to go! I feel as if I will do anything to stop it!!!!!!!! But my mom is really mad, because it will make her happy to be back...  But she told me the only other time she was happy is when she broke up with my dad, and was seeing this asshole! Is that supposed to make me want to make her happy? Actually it just makes me dislike her more because of that!!!!! She liked an asshole, and I am not just saying that, I mean he trully was.... Yeah... he was trying to be nice, but he was a jerk... That is the nicest way to put it... he was rude in a bunch of ways... That is one of the ways that I hated him! Also I loathed his personality!!!! And my mom went out all the time, and she was hardly home! She thought she was happy..... I hate that mother fucker, and if he tries to get near her, either me or my dad WILL kill him! and that is no lie!! My mom says i am being greedy, selfish or something like that..... but there was nothing for me at that other house! She says I can still do everything I do here, and still come to E-town, but still!  I don't want to go back! I like it here way too much! My mom says i only have a year it will not be bad.... But I don't like it there at all! I have no good memories that stand out of that place..... And my parents can't get rid of the place, and they say if they stay, they will be saught after for money from damn billing companys.... Also by the time I go to colleges (a year from now) they would loose the house if I we stay here... I would love to just go destroy that house! that would solve many things!!!!! Well atleast I think so! Soo much I have on my mind, I just don't know what to do!

One thing I forgot to mention, and I think that I should... my parents are together atm. I don't think I had this in before... So I thought I may want to say it....

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