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Written about Friday 2008-07-25
Written: (4446 days ago)

This is a song by Tegan and Sara. I was told by the guy working at Hot Topic that the CD would "change my life". Well..... dammit..... he was right. Just as good as AFI. This one song though really stood out. I may not be 19 but, it works for my situation in two ways for two different people in my life. I love you both. You know who you are. Just don't take the "Bye" part to literal. Its not meant like that. At least.... not for us. Love! Hope you like the lyrics and look up the song. ^^ *kiss*


I felt you in my legs
Before I even met you
And when I laid beside you
For the first time
I told you
I feel you in my heart,
And I don't even know you

Now we're saying bye,
Bye... bye...
Now we're saying bye,
Bye... bye...

I was nineteen
(Call me)

I felt you in my life
Before I ever thought to
Feel the need to lay down
Beside you
And tell you
I feel you in my heart,
And I don't even know you

And now we're saying bye,
Bye... bye...
Now we're saying bye,
Bye... bye...

I was nineteen
(call me)
I was nineteen
(call me)

Flew home,
Back to where we met
Stayed inside
I was so upset
Cooked up a plan,
So good except
I was all alone
You were all I had
Love you...
You were all mine
Love me...
I was yours right
I was yours right

I was nineteen
(call me)
I was nineteen
(call me)

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Written about Sunday 2008-05-11
Written: (4521 days ago)

I'm really happy today! ^^ I paid my Aunt, in full, for my WT tickets today! *dance* Another year! Woot woot!

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Written about Thursday 2008-03-27
Written: (4566 days ago)

 There are three things in the world I hate: Liars, fakers, and nieve/unaware people. In the end of all things i turn out to be all three. No matter how much forgiveness is given and accepted or how many secrets have come into the light with grace i know that I am all three.

 for all of you who know my curse, thankyou. I'm so happy to have you in my life. To Justin: I can't tell you enough the three words that are always on my lips waiting to hear your voice again. Its killing me. Really. I can't wait till you get a phone. To my claimer: I love you like no other. I wish I could go to college with you. I'll miss you desperately. I'll love you always, even if you don't want me. I know there are more beautiful girls out there and you're one of them.

 I hate that I didn't know what was going on and for lieing. I know I didn't know, but I still feel as if I betrayed you. I love you all. Thank you.

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Written about Tuesday 2008-02-19
Written: (4602 days ago)

I hate where I work. End of story. XD Shop N' S(l)ave sucks majorly. In fact I hate the place sooooo much I have named the sorts of customers that make my job as a cashier hell on earth.

1. The Downright Mean customer: We know you had a bad day, but that does not mean you can freak out on us if your pop doesn't ring up right. ><

2. The Cellphone User: Checking out groceries is a two person process anymore. We will have questiones about certain things and sometimes you, the customer, have to od something to get your oder through. So please, tell the person on the other line to hold on and PAY ATTENTION!

3.The Imaptient Customer: We understand that you are either: in a hurry, tired, you're hungry, just got off work, ect...but that is no reason to be in such a fucking rush! We work as fast as we can. i'm sure you have two seconds to get checked out and get your stuff bagged.

4. The All Coin Payer: We hate you! We don't want to count your bag of change for a $10 or plus order. Go to the bank or Coin Star(tm). We implore you. All your doing is holding us up.

5. The Money Thrower: Now we know it's our job to count your money, but you should also make sure you gave us thr right amount. Don't just throw your money at us uncounted and out of order. If your money goes missing its not our problem.

6. The Assumer: Okay this is for all you card users. Our registers don't magically tell us weather you are using an Access, debit, or credit card. YOU, cutomer, must tell us. Don't just assume we know what you are using and look at us like we're idiots when we ask.

That's all I have now but there WILL be more. ><

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Written about Wednesday 2008-01-30
Written: (4622 days ago)

Country of living]: USA
[Birthdate]: 10-31-1987
[Height]: 5 FT 11 IN
[Eye color]: steel blue
[School/work]: School soon and Work
[Hobby's]: Drawing, writing, visiting the mall
[Brothers/Sisters]: None
[Relationship]: yep
[Piercing(s)]: Industrial, vertical Labret
[Who would you like to meet]: wIL Francis
[Who do you admire most]: Elise
[Favorite Pajamas]: Skull pajama pants and Ghost-Out shirt
[Favorite Movie(s)]: Jurassic Park, LOTR Trilogy, Harry Potter, Sleeping Beauty, POTC trilogy
[Favorite Plush]: Mogu Doll
[What's under your bed?]: Guitar, occasional monster, Utada Hikaru
[Favorite sound]: The sound of rain
[Favorite Writer]: Ann Rice
[Favorite color]: Black, White, Green, Cerulean
[Favorite song at this moment]: Knife Blood Nightmare
[Favorite food]: Shrimp
[Favorite drink]: Tea
[Lucky number]: 3
[What deodorant do you use]: Axe
[Favorite shoes]: Converse
[What phrase do you use most]: Why the fuck do I have to bathe him?!
[What do you do in the weekends]: Party, work, stalk people
[My adorable pets!]: Demonically-possessed bird named Baby, Rat terrier named Scout, and blond Rottweiler named Cinnamon
[Cremate or Buried when dead]: Cremate
[Stay up late or go to bed early]: How about not sleeping at all
[Light or dark?]: Dark
[Speak or Silence]: speak
[Hug or kiss]: hug leads to a kiss, kiss leads to a touch, a touch leads to a suck, a suck leads to a fuck. Wanna hug?
[Happy or Sad]: Both
[Gig or Disco]: Gig
[Left or Right]: Right
[What would you ask God if you could ask him 1 single question]: don't know.
[You believe in reincarnation]: yes
[When you die, what will be your last words?]: I am the wind. One day I will be free.
[Does true love exist]: yes
[Best feeling in the world]: being loved
[Worst feeling in the world]: being alone
[Are you an emotional person]: yes
[Do you ever cry during a movie]: yes
[Your goal in life]: To be more than people expect me to be.

Just so I can do it later....don't pay atten tion to it.

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Written about Monday 2005-04-04
Written: (5653 days ago)

Well, I sent my first message today! Happy is me I need to redo all my stuff. *sigh* I left out some things. Oh well, you fix what is broken!

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