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Written about Sunday 2004-12-26
Written: (5757 days ago)

tørre lepper

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Written about Sunday 2004-10-03
Written: (5840 days ago)

i visited hannah today, she was better.

I dont Know Whats wrong with [Rockin' Ronja]. it's nice that you care but i just can't figure out why.

i know that you are a nice being, and that you are sympathic. maYBYE ITS BECAUSE OF THAT. oh shit.. caps..
i just dont know why my ex should/would worry/care about my present girlfriend. mabye she's just a better person..

than me...

however I hope hannah is getting well soon.

i want wool wool wool wolly things! this fall
ull ull ull ull.

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Written about Saturday 2004-10-02
Written: (5841 days ago)

im cold. Hannah has got pnemonia and other bad things. and im worried..
she's at a hospital. im going to visit her tomorrow if she manages..

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Written about Tuesday 2004-09-07
Written: (5866 days ago)

made another song, dedicated to my Hannah.

monday i'll send out some demos to different labels.

maybe i'll quit this nazi music school,where we aren't even alowed to make our own music...

shit the same... I'm an artist..

A quick fix of Melancholy.

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Written about Thursday 2004-09-02
Written: (5871 days ago)

made a song today.. electronica. beat.. contemporary.. yum!

im hungry!

I Miss My girlfriend Hannah

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Written about Saturday 2004-07-17
Written: (5918 days ago)

well, marius was here yesterday, got a bit drunk. but it was fun.. I think I have a girl.

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Written about Friday 2004-07-16
Written: (5919 days ago)

Faen! nå er jeg bare ødelagt!

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Written about Tuesday 2004-07-13
Written: (5922 days ago)

well, alot of things happend last week, i slept over at Hannah's (which is a beautiful cute girl, , who's very talented when it comes to understanding feeligs and to talk ). she kissed me, i said no, but she kissed me again, and i whispered "you're not supposed to", but she kissed me again, and i let her. we slept on the floor together, holding eachother. she allmost creid when i left.

later that day (wednesday), i had some friends over at my place. we had alot of fun. i have some good friends! :)

and some other day. Marita (my best friends ex) visited me, because she missed me. well i miss her to, but it's kinda strange. we made pasta! :). later Lisa came (a girl in my class) and Marita left. later on, one of my friends came and he had a freind with him too, and even him had a partner( some weed) so we smoked, and i got stoned, sick, and i trew up.. haha.. well..

now, it's boring, Hannah, gone on vacation, and i miss her.. its amazing and stange (and sick and silly even) that i can miss someone i've only met two times, but she's special.

going to IKEA tomorrow with my mom, to buy some nice things for this place..

well i'm very happy now, exept the fact that i miss Hannah.

Pardon my sucky English vocabulary.

Good night

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Written about Monday 2004-07-05
Written: (5930 days ago)

i must decorate this place! it's so cold and sterile here..

well i have moved in to my little studio.. Art studio AND Music studio.. it's called "Spiral Factory"

Marius and his girlfriend Linn was here today. Mari came too. they cooked some yummy food for me while i was in the shower.. it was A special "Chincken-thing" from Bali. It was g.o.o.d! we watched Pokemon while we ate.. yes, we are a bit childish. but i like it.. its no sense in taking everything so seriously. and its good for the imagination too. and an artist need a good imagination, and lots of feeligs and creativity, no source is too weak to use, no thing is too simple to take advantage of, to use in art.. because art is feelings, feelings is humans, and humans experience. so the more experiences, more feelings, and then more good art! this was a nice day, but the pudding i ate, had no taste.. Oh how i love ULVER

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Written about Thursday 2004-07-01
Written: (5934 days ago)

well.. elftown up again.. im home early from a christian music festival.. broke up with [Rockin' Ronja].. or we broke up together. feeling free.. but. well.. i want to be apreciated, and liked. i'm going to a concert tomorrow. my good friend Andrea is going to play.. later on i'll meet up with Hannah.. it's nice talking to her..

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Written about Friday 2004-06-18
Written: (5947 days ago)

"Little Wing"

Well she's walking through the clouds
With a circus mind that's running round
Butterflies and zebras
And moonbeams and fairy tales
That's all she ever thinks about
Riding with the wind.

When I'm sad, she comes to me
With a thousand smiles, she gives to me free
It's alright she says it's alright
Take anything you want from me, anything

Fly on little wing,
Yeah yeah, yeah, little wing

- Jimi Hendrix -

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Written about Wednesday 2004-06-16
Written: (5949 days ago)

My [Rockin' Ronja] is coming soon! looking forward to seing her again. i miss her like crazy!

I Want to make something.. but I don't have the energy.

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Written about Sunday 2004-06-06
Written: (5959 days ago)

drink up, baby, stay up all night
the things you could do, you won't but you might
the potential you'll be, that you'll never see
the promises you'll only make

drink up with me now and forget all about the pressure of days
do what I say and I'll make you okay and drive them away
the images stuck in your head

people you've been before that you don't want around anymore
that push and shove and won't bend to your will
I'll keep them still

drink up, baby, look at the stars
I'll kiss you again between the bars where I'm seeing you
there with your hands in the air, waiting to finally be caught

drink up one more time and I'll make you mine
keep you apart deep in my heart separate from the rest
where I like you the best and keep the things you forgot

the people you've been before that you don't want around anymore
that push and shove and won't bend to your will
I'll keep them still

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Written about Sunday 2004-06-06
Written: (5959 days ago)

i don't know... i feel shit. dont know why. the last days have been great. [Rockin' Ronja] was here :) yesterday, Emilio and Marius where here. We played together and talked. we slept in my new room in the barn, and Watched a Opeth dvd(I love that band!) today i went to a second hand market with my dad, it was an organ there, and i wanted to buy it. my dad is stupid..

right now i feel cold, sad and empty for no reason.. i miss.

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Written about Tuesday 2004-06-01
Written: (5964 days ago)

Today I was in Oslo, at a cinema with my class, and watched a swedish Movie called Tur & Retur, which was great! I stayed in oslo for a while afterwards with jonas. his girlfriend came too, and we just walked around in the sunny wheather. I miss(ed) [Rockin' Ronja] though. and I look forward to seeing her again tomorrow. all the same, i love the urban life! Must sleep now..

Oh and i brought the film "Being John Malkovich" haven't watched it yet..

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Written about Monday 2004-05-31
Written: (5965 days ago)

Hmm, the weekend..i didn't break a promise.. well after my last diary posting, i packed all my things and gear(took 1 1/2 hour just to pack) worth 50-60000 Kr. and drove off to Lørenskog. i rigged it up there with the band and we tested the sound. as mentiond in the earlier post, i didn't really look forward to doing this job, but as i startet to rig, i found that i was acctually enjoying it. this was supposed to change though, because, when we had played/recorded for like 3-4 hours, i went tired of it all.. i hated all the guys, i hated the place, and i was so damn hungry, so i demanded pizza! and after just one slice, they asked me quite rude when we would begin again.. that pissed me off, because, for example the the drummer... after he has recorded the drumtrack in the song, he can wait and slack until next song, but i must sit there and mix and listen to fucking loud noises ALL THE TIME! later it got better again, they was happy with the things i did, and that made me stand the noises.. but i had HUGE moodswings. in one song i played synth too. it sounded very cool and the guys honored me for that.. when all the tracks where recorded i was so happy and satysfied! we started friday and finished synday at 2-3 in the morning.. the other guys was really tired, but i was so happy to be finished with that shit, that i couldn't sleep..

on sunday, we rigged down and left.. i went home and was SO happy! i was going to meet [Rockin' Ronja] again!, we was suposed to go to a christan thingy called Sub Church, but instead, we went to her place. it was very nice and i was very happy, never felt so happy in a long time! my selfconfindence was sky high(and still is), and thats just great! i picked some nice flowers for her mom, but i dont think she liked them, but thats reasonable, because [Rockin' Ronja]s, flowers was much more pretty :) i love myself.

today was a boring but nice day.. nothing to do, great weather and a boy peeing in our pond... should have whritten [Rockin' Ronja] a letter though, but the day went by so fast.. now im supposed to go to my bed, but i think i'll rather sleep under it, if i manage to put some books under it without waking up my dad.. i have my doubts..

tomorrow is a new great day, and i'm glad and gay! :P

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Written about Friday 2004-05-28
Written: (5968 days ago)

yesterday was a day of sun, and relief. at school i practised with a band.. later we sat in the sun. but [Rockin' Ronja], poor little one, had a stomachache.

Later on i took the bus to my good friend Martin. we walked around in a small nice forest and talked about many things.. it was so beautiful there! we talked and reflected upon filosophical questions, but we also talked about [Rockin' Ronja] and his girlfriend. it was good to share my questions and opinions with him, and to discuss his thoughts as well. all this talking was a product of the fact that yesterday was a special day for me and martin, because we have actually "invented" a day called sayoutloudwhatyoureallythinkaboutthesituatinorthefeelingsyourinevenifyouwouldentsaythemifitwasn'tthisday-day, and this day was yesterday. so i called [Rockin' Ronja] and talked about some issues and thoughts i had. not really issues, but i don't have a word for the therm..(or a therm for the word? :S)

i think it was good for the both of us, even though im not really finished yet. it sounds very dramatic but it really isn't.

well today i woke up at martins place, not so quite refreshed in my body, but a little more structurated(is this a word) in my mind. we took the bus to lillestrøm.. nothing special there, and i took the train home. then i came home, played some Korg, and left for the doctor's. there, i was told that my liver was okay again, but that she didnt know what to do with my constant tiredness.

now i'm sitting here, infront of my computer, with a glass of pepsi and a wierd looking french crepe. and i miss [Rockin' Ronja]

im supused to be the "producer" for a band the whole weekend, but i dont want to.. i get nothing out of it, not even experience.. fuck it i say.. i much rather want to go tho my grandmothers birthday today, and meet up with [Rockin' Ronja] one of the next days.. but.. i'm tied up. i think its time to break a promise..

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Written about Wednesday 2004-05-26
Written: (5970 days ago)

I have a great girfriend! i've been with her today, we watched Sleepy Hollow. and had fun on the trampoline( Not that kinda fun! ;P you kinky-thinking-fuck! )

i like her..i'm very lucky to "Have" her.


i want a professional camera.. i see motives everywhere.
i want to be artistic.
i want to write a new letter to my [Rockin' Ronja]

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Written about Tuesday 2004-05-25
Written: (5971 days ago)

I have written very much music these two days. just small parts, but still..

i have slept alot today.. and i have been sucked blood out of at the medical center here, to check my liver satus.and i have been to the dentist today too. oh my english suck right now, sorry.

i've sent [Rockin' Ronja] the letter i wrote yesterday.I'm gonna visit her tomorrow. I miss her alot.. She's real special.

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Written about Monday 2004-05-24
Written: (5972 days ago)

now i feel rather artistic, or just selfdestructive. feeling kinda good actually. i want to make something.. i need a companion in/with my artwork. I'll ask [Rockin' Ronja].

Oh god i love The Blue lotus.

Smile could kill...

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Written about Monday 2004-05-24
Written: (5972 days ago)

Home today too. my liver stats are high. mabye i get blood poisoning. :P

i'm boring the living crap out of me, which ironicly is good, couse iv'e got that crap in my liver.. but it's just an

since i have nothing to do, i will write [Rockin' Ronja] a letter. :)

I Like the fish, it raises my selfconfidence, and i can almost feel her, when i touch it. :) Nam

Yesterday , my father cut himself with a chainsaw, in his face.. ouch! but he is ok now, i think.

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