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Written about Sunday 2006-05-07
Written: (5253 days ago)

ARRRRRRR! YEAAAAAAAAH! lol. Sorry, the effects are still wearing off from yesterday night… I went with Adam and on of my best mates, Rob, to the CRUSTY DEMONS EAST COAST CARNIGE TOUR in Tamworth yesterday and yelled myself hoarse cheering for all the awesome riders and stunts! I was so mad! As Rob said, some of the things we saw, we may never see again - like quad bike doing a back flip off a 75 foot ramp!!!!! Wow. I should get some photos up in the next week or so... OMG, you will see me with makeup on. I wore eyeliner for the first time in my life - it actually looked really hot :P :) I didn't end up wearing short short, easter got the better of me, LOL.
You may envy me for I had an absolutely kick ass time!!!!!

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Written about Wednesday 2005-12-28
Written: (5383 days ago)

Turns out, in case anyone was wondering what conclusionamabob I came to, that you can't realise you don't love someone in the night as you realise how much you do love them... Coz I still love him... I was just overwhelmed.

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