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Written about Thursday 2008-06-05
Written: (4701 days ago)

[15:48] My friend: oh god what am I in for?
[15:48] Me: hah
[15:48] Me: SURPRISE SEX!
[15:48] Me: I think I should play the Final Fantasy victory jingle everytime I say that... hmmm...
[15:48] My friend: :(
[15:49] Me: duh-duh-duh
[15:49] Me: duhhhh-duhhhh-duhhhh dut-duh-duhhhhh!
[15:50] My friend: I always think of the Zelda "you found an item!" noise instead
[15:50] Me: hahaha
[15:51] My friend: 'cause he's rummaging around in the trunk and then he holds it up and he's JUST SO HAPPY OH MY GOD LOOK WHAT I DID!
[15:51] Me: hahaha
[15:51] Me: ... "LOOK WHAT I DID" qft

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Written about Thursday 2008-01-03
Written: (4855 days ago)

Taken from [Sunny Silverunicorn]'s diary, who took it from [Adaman]'s diary, who took it from [Pnelma Tirian]'s! :D

1. Choose a few of your own characters. Five at the most.
2. Make them answer the following questions.
3. Then tag three people.
4. Feel free to go ahead and add some questions yourself

NightHawk Falconis
Elliaryn "Ryn" Ara som Keirr
Kurazarrh "Raza" "Riven" Ara som Keirr

Hello everyone. I have a few questions to ask all of you.
Xanadi: Aye, what might ye need?
Tarel: Ooh, Xanadi'ikellerothondriatalnarimiadar! Did you hear that? I get to talk about myself!
NightHawk: ...
Ryn: How can I serve?
Kurazarrh: I shall serve with respect.

How old are you?
Xanadi: 56
Tarel: 48
NightHawk: 127
Ryn: 112
Kurazarrh: 342

What do you like to eat?
Xanadi: Fish, but I can't seem to catch any.
Tarel: Oh, I like most anything. But the best food in the world HAS to be those cheese and tomato wraps you have in your world... what are they called? Oh, stromboli! Yeah!
NightHawk: I do not see the point in answering this.
Ryn: Salad.
Kurazarrh: Salad.

Do you have any interesting traits?
Xanadi: My half-brother and I have heterochromatic eyes... that ye might find interesting.
Tarel: Well, I'm entirely interesting, you know, but I like my eyes, like my brother said.
NightHawk: Be silent, human.
Ryn: I am a Blademaster, but that, I believe, is more interesting to me than it might be to you.
Kurazarrh: No.

Are you a virgin?
Xanadi: Yea, I am.
Tarel: Pfft! Xanadi REALLY needs to loosen up. Me? Hells, no.
NightHawk: ... no.
Ryn: Not anymore.
Kurazarrh: I cannot understand the relevance of this question, but no.

Who's your mate/spouse?
Xanadi: Well, Lady Chaneen and I are getting along rather well.
Tarel: But she's human. Anyway, I don't plan on sticking with one pretty girl for too long. Gotta snatch 'em all!
NightHawk: Lady Matriarch Anglarrah Domyhdra of Falconis.
Ryn: Sikki and I are considering marriage.
Kurazarrh: My wife, Qiiate.

Have you killed anyone?
Xanadi: Unfortunately, yes.
Tarel: Hahaha, why, there are dirty, dirty people in this world, and it's MY job to give them baths... that they happen to be in their own blood isn't really my problem.
NightHawk: ... Yes.
Ryn: Regrettably.
Kurazarrh: Death is unfortunate, but I have been the Angel of Death's servant in the past.

Do you hate anyone?
Xanadi: I like to think not.
Tarel: Xanadi's lying. But Dorian's dead. Hey! Stop hitting me!
NightHawk: (A better question would be, "Do you like anyone?")
Ryn: Hate is not an emotion one should feel toward others. But even I find my heart striking black marks over those who would bring harm unto others.
Kurazarrh: Hate does not a Blademaster make. But even Blademasters have emotions.

Have any secrets?
Xanadi: I like to think not, except those I keep from Tarel.
Tarel: My life is hardly a secret!
NightHawk: Why should I tell thee?
Ryn: I do not believe so.
Kurazarrh: Only those secrets that are necessary.

Do you love anyone?
Xanadi: Well... I... perhaps...
Tarel: Xanadi! Remember that note I wrote to you and Chan-chan? Come ON, you are SO banging her!
NightHawk: I do.
Ryn: Yes.
Kurazarrh: Yes.

What do you do to relax?
Xanadi: I enjoy fishing.
Tarel: ... But to date, he's only caught a minnow. Two whole inches. I like to go a-wenching. ^^
NightHawk: Leave me in peace.
Ryn: I enjoy meditation when alone, but around the home, Sikki and I spend time engaged in various activities or travels.
Kurazarrh: Meditation lowers my 240/180 blood pressure.

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Written about Thursday 2007-05-10
Written: (5093 days ago)

Some of the more amusing things people put in their bio, as well as some really poignant ones:

A white man yells to a black man. "Hey colored boy! You're blockin my view."
The black man turned around and stood up. He then said:
"When I was born I was black,"
"When I grew up I was black,"
"When I'm sick I'm black,"
"When I go in the sun I'm black,"
"When I'm cold I'm black,"
"When I die I'll be black"
"But you sir..."
"When you're born you're pink,"
"When you grow up you're white,"
"When you're sick, you're green,"
"When you go in the sun you turn red,"
"When you're cold you turn blue,"
"And when you die you turn purple."
"And you have the nerve to call me colored?"

little johnny was 7 years old and like other boys his age rather curious. he had been hearing quite a bit about making out from the older boys, and he wondered what it was and how it was done.one day he took his question to his mother,who became rather flustered. instead of explaining things to little johnny, she told him to hide behind the curtains tonight and watch his older sister and her boyfriend. this he did. the following morning, johnny described EVERYTHING to his mother. "sis" and her boyfriend sat and talked for a while then he turned off most the lights...then he started kissing and hugging her. i figured sis might be getting sick because here face started looking funny!... he must have thought so to because he put his hand in her blouse to feel her heart just the way the doctor did. except hes not as smart as the doctor because he seemed to have trouble finding her heart.i guess he was getting sick to, because pretty soon both of them started panting and getting all out of breath. his other hand must have been cold because he put it under her skirt. about this time sis got worse and began to moan and sigh and squirm around and slide down to the end of the couch. this is when her fever started. i knew it was a fever because sis told him she felt really hott...finally i found out what was making them so sick a big eel had gotten into his pants somehow...it jumped out of his pants and just stood there,about 10 inches lon,honest, anyway he grabbed it in one hand to keep it from getting away.when sis saw it she got really scared her eyes got big and her mouth fell open,she started calling out to god and stuff like that...she said it was the biggest one shes ever seen.i should tell her about the ones at the lake down by our house. anyway sis got brave and tried to kill the eel by biting its head off.all of a sudden she grabbed it with both hands and held it while he got a muzzel out of his pocket and slipped it over the eels head to keep it from biting again. sis lay back and spread her legs so she could get a scissor-lock on it...and he helped by laying on top of the eel...the eel put up a hell of a fight...sis started groaning and squealing and almost upset the couch...i guess they wanted to kill the eel by squashing it in beteween them...after a while they both quit moving and let out a great sigh.her boyfriend got up and sure enough they killed the eel.i knew it was dead because it just hung there limp and some of its insides were hanging out.sis and her boyfriend were a little tired from the battle but they went back to courting anyways.he started hugging her and kissing her again.by golly the eel wasnt dead!!!...it jumped straight up and started fighting again...i guess eels are like cats they have nine lives or something. this time sis jumped up and tried to kill it by sitting on it. after about a 35 minute struggle they finally killed the eel. i knew it was dead because i saw sis's boyfriend peel the skin off and flush it down the toilet.
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Written about Friday 2007-03-09
Written: (5155 days ago)

This one was inspired by AC/DC's "The Jack" as it was being played on 105.7 the X this afternoon. Go figure. XD I dunno, I just had a sudden desire to write something that was more of an allusion to Texas Hold 'Em than a direct implication, like in the song. Anyway, here 'tis:

On the Bluffs over Texas
Inspired by “The Jack” by AC/DC

We were two of a kind, the three, no four, no two of us, kind
Four I had just come off a girl who loved like spades, mean as my blind old auntie.
So I joined the club, recovering from her rough hand.
This one, though, and me, drove to an orchard, on a bluff o’erlooking the town and river,
Its banks turned white by the lace of the queen.
I gave her a diamond; she gave me her heart.
She wanted kids (I wasn’t sure, myself)—two girls, three boys; or the other way ‘round.
Either way, it’d be a full house, the hand
Full of us.
So she saw in the tree two pears, sitting pretty on their perch.
Hand over hand, I got those pears, and came down with a pear in each pocket.
Back up we went from the picnic quilt we had
Folded and packed, and our soup in the pot.
We took our two pears to the boughs of the tree, but she eight hers higher than me.
On the subject of love, she flushed bright red.
I held her hand but didn’t look; she wanted that full house, and I wanted to give it to her.
I think we got things straight, though, and before long,
We drove home, the pair of us, two of a kind.

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Written about Monday 2007-02-19
Written: (5173 days ago)
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Doesn't it suck when the person you really want to get to know better is very obviously avoiding you?

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Written about Monday 2007-01-08
Written: (5215 days ago)

Whew... it was a while ago, but let's just say... another bullet dodged.

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Written about Thursday 2005-12-15
Written: (5604 days ago)
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Quote from John ("Dywn"): "So, would you let me play as a multiclass warlock/monk who flies around, blasts people with his eldritch blast, and then pummels them with his fists? ... Name? Vegeta." LOL Dragonball sucks, but it was an amusing quote at one D&D session ^^

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Written about Wednesday 2005-11-30
Written: (5619 days ago)

... Ware wa... niwa jin dewanai... Ware wa omoitachi no kami desu!

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Written about Thursday 2005-09-15
Written: (5696 days ago)
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Whew... it's been exactly two months since my last post in this diary. I've started college and all, and find it just as dreafully boring as high school. The curriculum here apparently assumes that all incoming students have led utterly sedentary and socially-lacking lives up until this point and feels the need to teach us things we *should* already know. These would be things like how to talk, how to write, and how to read. Sorry if I sound a bit pompous, but didn't we all learn how to read starting at about age 5? And those of us in "wholesome" families, perhaps earlier? And writing naturally came only about a year behind that, and speaking! By the gods, I learned to speak before I could even form complex thoughts! As did we all, I sincerely hope. Unless you were raised by wolves and recently returned to civilization, that's probably the case.

In any event, I'm having less fun than I hoped and have more free time than I know what to do with. But I'm making progress. I've put the finishing touches on my novel, "Rose Prophecy" and am awaiting only a few proofreading sessions from various family members before I package it up and send it off to publishers, hoping I can get a foot in the proverbial door. But let me tell you, publishers really don't make it easy. All the big ones have the policy, "Don't come to us. We'll come to you," and in a few cases they accept manuscripts from agents, but never from the author. After spending many hours searching the Internet, I found two corporate publishers with adequate information about themselves on their website, as well as an invitation to prospecting authors. A whole two. And this isn't counting the vanity/subsidy publshers and print-on-demand publishers. I need something that doesn't cost money, because that's something I don't really have. I don't mean to make big bucks with my first submission, but if I do, yay for me.

In any case, I'm gonna see where these publishers take me. I hope one of them accepts my manuscript, though the one of them seems to be the type to say, "We'll publish your work as long as you have at least hal a brain." So, I hope I can say to look for my works on shelves soon. Wish me luck, hm?

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Written about Thursday 2005-07-14
Written: (5758 days ago)
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So I've found this little twit on here who thinks that I'm too stupid to realize a film-ripped image when I see one. I'm busy warning him about it, but he insists that it took him one and a half years to TRACE an image from Cowboy Bebop and post it online. At 14 years of age, nobody has that patience anyway. But this picture, it's just a screenshot from one of the episodes. The little snot didn't even remove the DVD rip artifacts from it; you can see the screen cutoffs! I'm insulted. *fumes at stupid people*

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