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Written about Saturday 2007-07-07
Written: (4647 days ago)

I got it from [Levoton] ;p sorry, I couldn't resist.

1.[ ] You love hoodies
2.[ ] Dogs are better than cats
3.[ ] It's hilarious when people get hurt
4.[X] You've played with/against boys on a team
5.[X] Shopping is torture (depends, though. but it definitely can be.)
6.[X] Sad movies suck
7.[ ] You own an xbox 360
8.[X] You wanted/played with Hotwheel cars as a kid
9.[ ] At some point in time you wanted to be a firefighter
10.[X] You own a DS, PS2 or Sega
11.[X] You used to be obsessed with Power Rangers
12.[x] You watch sports on TV
13.[ ] Gory movies are cool
14.[ ] You only go to your dad for advice
15.[X] You own like a trillion baseball caps
16.[X] You like going to football games
17.[ ] You used to/do collect football cards
18.[ ] It's kinda weird to have sleepovers with a bunch of people
19.[X] Green, black, red, blue or silver are one of your favorite colours
20.[X] You love to go crazy and not care what people think
21.[x] Sports are fun too
22.[X] Have talked with food in your mouth
23.[ ] Wear Boxers to bed
24.[ ] Or your socks on at night

total: 13 lol
Multiply the total by 7
Score: 91% boy *is laughing her ass off*


1.[ ] You wear lip gloss
2.[ ] You wear eyeliner
3.[X] You have some of the same shirts in different colours
4.[X] You wear the colour pink/ have worn the colour pink
5.[X] Go to a female for advice
6.[ ] You KNOW cheerleading's a sport and you argue about it (I don't care)
7.[ ] You hate wearing the colour black
8.[ ] You like shopping
9.[X] You like wearing jewelry
10.[X] Skirts are a part of your wardrobe (I have some...)
11.[x] You don't like the movie Star Wars (I hate those movies)
12.[X] It takes you around 1 hour (or more) to shower, get dressed and put on make-up and accessories
13.[X] You smile a lot more than you should
14.[ ] You have more than 10 pairs of shoes/sneakers
15.[ ] You care about what you look like
16.[ ] You like wearing dresses when you can
17.[X] You love, LOVE movies (not sappy movies, I like comedy, thank you)
18.[X] Used to play with dolls as a little kid (I screwed up their lives so badly)
19.[X] Like putting make-up on someone else for the joy of it
20.[ ] Like taking pictures when you're bored

total = 11
multiply by 7
score: 77% girl

Wow, I guess I'm a girlie-tomboy.

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Written about Wednesday 2007-02-28
Written: (4777 days ago)

Ok, maybe I need to state this: I'm only here for friends, please do not messege me unless you have a question that does not involve me as a love interest. If you have questions about a girl (or boy) in your life, sure, I'll answer questions and give suggestions. If you ask me anything about homework or magic or something not too personal (personal meaning sexual and anything that can be interpreted as sexual)about myself I will answer it. Please, I would not like to report anyone.

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Written about Thursday 2007-02-15
Written: (4789 days ago)

My dad forgot my birthday. You know, there shouldn't be any good excuse for forgetting your daughter's birthday. Her 17th birthday. Her last birthday in high school, before she starts college. Pisses me off...and makes me cry. ;_;

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Written about Sunday 2006-07-30
Written: (4990 days ago)

Wah! ;_; Today is my last day of summer vacay! MUST MAKE THE MOST OF IT!!!

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Written about Sunday 2006-06-25
Written: (5024 days ago)

Farewell all. I shall be on a plane to my dads in...3-4 days time...friggin A man, I hate it there. But I have to be nice for my sister's sake.

Wish me luck.

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Written about Thursday 2006-03-16
Written: (5125 days ago)

Yeah, I got into an accident. I was driving and I swear that *I* was obeying the law, but the other guy must have been speeding through a neighborhood. wrecked the car and bumped my head, but I'm alright. I was just so shocked I sobbed everytime I saw someone new. I called my friend Christina and she and her mom went to the hospital with me, and I nearly cut the circulation off her arm, but everthing was ok.

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Written about Saturday 2006-02-18
Written: (5152 days ago)

My sixteenth was on the 15th. So...I"M 16!!!! But yeah, been gone because comp was messed...

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Written about Monday 2006-01-30
Written: (5171 days ago)

I am soooooooooo stupid, not only did I sprianed then twisted my left foot, but I left my cell in Barns and Nobles, like an idiot. So I feel real shitty right now.

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Written about Sunday 2005-10-30
Written: (5262 days ago)

Lalalalala, I can't wait til Halloween tomorrow...we get to dress up and I'm a fairy!!!!

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Written about Friday 2005-09-09
Written: (5314 days ago)

**To the tune of "I'm a Barbie girl"**

I’m an Irish girl,
In a Pagan world,
Life with magic,
It’s never havoc
You can get cursed
When you steal my purse
The demons all go rampant,

C’mon Witchy,
You’re no bitchy,
Ho-ocus Po-cus
C’mon Witchy,
You’re no bitchy,
Abra-ha Kadabra
C’mon Witchy,
You’re no bitchy,
Ho-ocus Po-cus
C’mon Witchy,
You’re no bitchy,
Abra-ha Kadabra

The warlocks next door,
Have a little store,
Full of potions,
And sexy lotions!
The hags across the street,
Have very stinky feet,
In our city,
Magic’s very pretty,

C’mon Witchy,
You’re no bitchy,
Ho-ocus Po-cus
C’mon Witchy,
You’re no bitchy,
Abra-ha Kadabra
C’mon Witchy,
You’re no bitchy,
Ho-ocus Po-cus
C’mon Witchy,
You’re no bitchy,
Abra-ha Kadabra

I felt like it

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