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Written about Saturday 2008-12-27
Written: (4243 days ago)

*sigh* I think I hate christmas, everything you do is ... a waste of time. O__. drawings didn`t work well, I choosed many good things to draw, but ... I fell ill before christmas eve! T___T And I ... wasn`t able to buy ... the stuff I had liked to buy. ;-; And all the presents ... never came. O__o So ... my friends have to wait! >____< *hit myself* It`s only one thing good whit speaking japanese in Norway ... nobody know what you say when you curse!!! *another sigh* I hate myself right now (and I love Christmas) ;-; And a happy new year! *cries* WAIT A MOMENT! *draw* Yeah! ^^ This work pretty well, now I`m happy *drawing Totoro*

Totoro is a little japanese ... a big japanese figure from a movie, hes very popular, I think the movie is named "Totoro my neightbour" (that`s the name in Norway.) It`s not very popular in Norway, Totoro is for kids I think most of the grown-up liked to say, but ... argh, I don`t know, you better watch it!!! You bet!

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Written about Wednesday 2008-12-10
Written: (4260 days ago)

Gyah! @______@ Now I`m scared, my drawing project work well, but! Christmas is near, and I want to give drawings this year T^T But ... the time has come, the time I draw every day, and second I have left before christmas! >< Gyah! *drawing, drawing*

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