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Written about Monday 2007-04-02
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I am kinda depressed now.<img:44166_1164145087.gif> My high school musical of "Kiss Me Kate" just ended two days ago and it will be my last time on stage at this school. This was the third production I have been invovled in, two musicals and one theatre class performance. I performed various roles in scenes from various plays in Theatre class and did stage crew for both the musicals as well as being a featured dancer in the last.

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Written about Thursday 2007-02-15
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Written about Monday 2006-09-18
Written: (4905 days ago)

I feel empty of all emotion. I feel no happiness, sadness, guilt, joy, or anything like that. I feel nothing emotionally. I am a shell.

I don't know what to do and I see advantages is this. Without joy there is no pain. But I do not wish this forever.

And this has no connection to my ex as most people would think.

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Written about Friday 2004-12-03
Written: (5559 days ago)

i wish my ex wasn't so stubborn

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