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Written about Saturday 2006-08-19
Written: (4934 days ago)

Things have been better I have been straighting myself out I am getting better even though I have all this stress on me I stoped some bad habits I am happy as hell with my Boyfriend Greg I miss my brother and I have been getting rid of some things thatI do not need moms still drives me insane but I have a few good freinds who help me get through it.

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Written about Monday 2006-04-10
Written: (5066 days ago)

i am tired of hurting Iam sick of I am sick of fighting with my folks and I am sick of gettin hurt by peoplr..

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Written about Sunday 2006-02-26
Written: (5108 days ago)

MEH!! lifes out of control my brothers gone half my friends are backstabbers and I can't stand that I do not trust many people at all my parents don't give me no priavcey and their always in my busniess and I guess their life sucks so bad they have to ruin my and mess with people I care about and they need to learn to just stay out of my business I keep to myself and stay out of the way and being hurt by girl is alrighty ripping me apart they just add on to the stress and everything else moms making me miserable and people just need to lay off and most of my friends are wanting to commit sucide so just screw it and the guy I like I can't have I guess I am just filled with bad luck

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Written about Monday 2005-12-12
Written: (5184 days ago)

Life still sucks kinda....i am loseing have the people I care for 3 of my closest friends are supose ot be moving I hope none of them do I would lose my fuckin mind if they leave ...my bro is supose to be leaving home my oldest sister is in a nightmare basically her life is doing horrible as hell and she wants me to fix it ....my mom is driving me crazy I have to do everything around my house cook clean keep everything together and I have to deal with school,work, and my other things I have going on it seems I have been negleacting people but I guess that really don't bother me a few close friends and my girlfreind are keeping me kinda sane for now I have been stressing alot on shit but I guess this is life .....I guess I haev ot deal with it

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Written about Tuesday 2005-11-15
Written: (5212 days ago)

Today was a freakin hell my friends dad is beating ehr again which sucks she needs to get help but refuses it. my mom is driving me crazy again and everyone counts on me to keep their world together but I guess thats because I care to much compassions in my nature but oh well I am stressing out so much with school takin care of the house,and my grandmas cause her health is bad,and interact,Hysta,and my voulunteer hours for hysta,and school homework and trying to keep everyones life together but I guess well later*

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Written about Tuesday 2005-11-08
Written: (5218 days ago)
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      A Date in Hell With Grim*
The grim comes and knocks on my door he says I have a date for your fate don't be late no I can't wait I might just do a double take don't cry just say goodbye to the life you live come give me your soul I know it is shattered it doesn't matter it's mine now come along for the ride as I look back my body falls to the ground as devils gather round we take a train down to New Orleans as I hear the angels sing I wish one would come an save me an save my soul the grim grabs hold he says the world has grown old now it is time for me to go down this elavater that only goes up to 10 this place is crazy an now it is starting to get hazy I wonder where I am going then the elavter stops then I turn to the grim he says welcome to your eternity you are no longer in purgatry your new jail then he grabs my hand an walks me out the he says here's our date in hell.

               By Brittany H

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