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Written about Thursday 2004-10-28
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Alright, So today I went to go see George Bush, of whom I cannot stand....waiting in line somehow I managed to get searched twice when I didnt see anybody else get searched even once (talk about selective)....then as I expected the damn metal detector went off like 100 times....so I got patted down by some huge black guy....when I finally did get inside I had a fairly good seat, except this lady behind me kept screaming really loud....but not a normal kind of scream she kept going up and down in tone almost like a siren...then whenever she held up her dumbass sign she always managed to nail me in the back of the head with the thing on the way down, I was about 2 seconds from smoking her in the face, when Bush finally did show up I managed to fall asleep while listening to one of the most important people in the world (heheh)....after that hell was over I went outside and joined in on a nice ralley for Kerry..now this is what made my day, I was sitting there rooting for Kerry...and it turned into a riot (it was badass) 3 people that I saw got arrested, a bomb squad truck drove through the croud and riot police came in when the marines and national guard gave up....not to mention I got to personally be on about 3 news channels (tv and radio)....so overall....it was fun, would have been better if they would have thrown some tear gas though

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