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Written about Monday 2014-08-25
Written: (2381 days ago)
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So, it has been a while. A really long time in fact. I have done a lot since I was last on. I've moved into my own place, I'm about to ask the woman I love to marry me, I have been to countries on the other side of the world, and none of that was told here. I have been gone mostly because in my real life I have found people to RP with and thanks to them my horizons have expanded. However I would be woefully behind them in experience if it wasn't for everyone here. 

Thanks to all of the people I've met, whether I fought you, shared an ale, or, most importantly, called you my friend. Without the help of everyone here I would not be who I am today. I have made giant dungeons that took multiple in game and real time days to explore, I have made an entire world with politics, wars, expansions and exploration so that the players could have a kingdom building campaign and it was a daunting task. I was able to do it though and it was able to not only because of my friends outside the game but mostly because of everyone here who built up the base of my RPing. We were all sitting around talking about how we started RPing and almost everyone said it was playing D&D with each other. I however stunned the group telling them tales of toppling kings and queens, killing the head of a legions of super powered dragoons, fighting countless battles against my metal for brains friend, conquering fear itself, fighting toe to toe with half-dragons, fire wielders, and people who were one with the shadows. Also the fun times when we all just sat around and relaxed after taking down the boss enemy and the whole castle around us. What I have done here are some of the most epic adventures I've ever had and might ever have and I can not thank everyone here enough. 

Thanks to what I have learned here I was able to DM a game of D&D without ever playing it first and thanks to that around 30 people have been introduced to RPing in general not just with D20 style games. What you have all taught me is replaceable and I will never forget that my roots are in Elftown. However when plants grow, they grow outward. So this is my final farewell to everyone here. I don't plan on coming back. Everything I know will be passed on to others outside of Elftown. I will spread the knowledge and tales to as many people as will listen. 

So once again thank you to everyone, I cannot express how much I love you all and I couldn't leave without saying a proper farewell. Goodbye, and may your road lead to more adventures.

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Written about Friday 2012-01-20
Written: (3328 days ago)

Life, it caught up with me:

There was one point were I came on Elftown everyday and so did everyone else. Every now and then I had my waning periods but I would always come back in full force for many days at a time. Sadly this is no longer the case. I'm not sure what it is but I do not log on everyday. Of course I have work at a 5pm to 5am job but on my days off I'm not sure why but loging on to Elftown is not as high on the priority list. I promise I will stay around and I won't abandon Elftown, but this is just to tell you I'm starting to drift a bit. Elftown will always be a home to me and I will always come back to it and I still consider all of you friends and brothers and sisters in arms. So enough with this sentimental crap, lets get back to the fight!

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Written about Tuesday 2011-08-09
Written: (3492 days ago)
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Things Not To Do In A Dungeon 2:

Stab things that aren't trying to kill you
Not stab something that istrying to kill you
Disturb a meeting of many monsters
Assume that you can talk things through with monsters
Kiss a random woman at the end of a dungeon even though she is the hottest woman you'd ever seen (she is a succubus)
Wear any armor and wield any weapon before you know what it can do
Try to read a boook you can't decipher
Read a book written in an ancient text
Read a book whose words start to trael up your hands and on to your body as you read.
Use death spells on the undead
Use life spells on the not dead yet
Revert to cannabalism... don't ask

That has been a segment of Things Not To Do In A Dungeon. I thank you and pray you put it to use.
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Written about Tuesday 2011-07-05
Written: (3527 days ago)

Things Not To Do In A Dungeon:

Not expect giant boulders
Think that replacing a treasure with a bag of equal weight will help at all
Overcomplicate an f***ing door (Sorry, D&D DM rage on that one)
Make loud noises
Whisper loudly
pick up a duck (Munchkin folks)
Take an hour devises a f***ing battle strategy (D&D DM Rage)
Step on pressure pads, press buttons, or pull levers unless you know they won't kill you right away
Take your time while going through
Take your time leaving
Steal everything (get it on the way out)
Throw fire blasts down every corridor (yes it makes things brighter but it pissed things off too)
Take more time than neccesary by looking for traps and invisible monsters in every part of the dungeon. especially when not in a dungeon yet. (yet again D&D DM Rage)
and wear reflective tape and bright colors. Just like halloween you'll be made fun of and bad things will happen to you... plus you'll get less goodies.
That has been a segment of Things Not To Do In A Dungeon. I thank you and pray you put it to use.
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Written about Wednesday 2011-02-23
Written: (3659 days ago)
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First I must state something very pertinent on my mind... AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now with that out of me I can explain why I did that. I've been getting on Elftown less and less due to various reasons and I don't like going long stints of Elftownlessness. I'll just list them off:
1) 12 hour job... not fun at all either.
2) Learning how to live on my own more and more.
3) Starting a Youtube channel with my friend, Nerdenomics if you want to check it out. Mostly testing games for future reviews and spoofs.
4) Moderation is not an easy virtue for me, I've gotten addicted to MineCraft so please forgive my nerdy soul for that
5) I also have a large collection of nerdy things I do, Magic, Settlers of Catan, Dungeons and Dragons (Being DM takes up even more time in regard to D&D).
6) Typing novels can make you lose track of time quickly.
7) Studying for big tests coming up soon.

Sorry if you have more problems and it seems I'm complaining about nothing but this is some big stuff for me at least. Anyway just so you know I might miss a week every now and then but I'll never leave Elftown permanently I promise. Until this boils down though it seems there is no rest for the wicked.

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Written about Sunday 2011-01-02
Written: (3711 days ago)

Okay so, update on all goings ons.
1) I am a night shift person now so getting on is harder for me now.
2) Check out Experience Project
3) Check out Tales of War!
4) I just remembered before I wrote this that Hiuko has a sister so I have to start thinking of what crazy arse shite she can do... heeheehee <insert shifty eyes here>
5) Lastly I have a new poll about characters so please check it out and vote. It looks very sad with only 1 vote...

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Written about Tuesday 2010-11-16
Written: (3758 days ago)

Hello, recently there have been to updates on some pages I owned and that update is that they were cleared out. I did some fall cleaning and I found a lot of things I didn't need to watch and a lot of things I never even touched, just collected for future tries. However all of those things have died but I still move on here.

Also many people may find this latest bit of news interesting. Hiuko is getting older and I in real life have adopted a new look and I think it is time for Hiuko to change a bit. With all of these new and stronger players and opponents Hiuko is really showing his age so I think I need to update and change the blind halfing a little. If there are any ideas you think would help then by all means go ahead and tell me, I'd be more than happy to recieve them. Also with this you will see his full history as he now knows it and his new quest to find his children will be annotated appropriately. I've grown up in real life so I think its time for the nearly 200 year old man to grow up too.

As for Hachen, he'll probably be the same, I haven't used him enough to constitute change. However I would love to RP as him so if you like Hachen then please message me and I'm sure he'd gladly go where ever you plop him.

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Written about Monday 2010-10-18
Written: (3787 days ago)

Not going to have internet for a little bit because I need to set up internet in my new room. So until then I'll be on whenever I can. Until then though see you later.

Oh and I saw Angelic Aegis and she's getting better, she'll be back on in a few weeks. Yay!

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Written about Sunday 2010-10-03
Written: (3802 days ago)

Okay, I'll put this bluntly, I'm apparently a busy person and that won't change anytime soon. I don't see myself getting back to my daily log on schedule like usual but I'll at least try. I've got crap to do here and there and its all job related. Don't get me wrong I like my job but its just mostly going to be a little shaky when I'll be online for the next few weeks while I settle in to New Mexico when I get there in two weeks.

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Written about Monday 2010-09-13
Written: (3822 days ago)

Hi all, if you are wondering about my mood look below but this one is about Cher, or angelic aegis. She got into a car accident and had to go into surgery. I talked to her today and she is okay now, she can move her left leg and is still in the hospital but she'll come out fine. She'll be off Elftown till she gets home which I completely agree with, she needs to relax, recover, and then she'll be on in a few weeks. She says she is sorry for the trouble but I'm sure everyone is okay with it, we just want her to relax... right? Anyway, in her words, the angel has fallen but will rise again soon.

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Written about Saturday 2010-09-11
Written: (3824 days ago)

Wow, sorry ET folks. I've been both extremely busy and extremely tired. My school days are winding down and thusly my schooling has become a 12 hour day with no breaks, not even for lunch. So when I get back home I can only eat and go to sleep. This is over, I graduate soon and I might have more time. I'll try to be on as much as I can but I won't be on everyday like I used to. I'll try once a week at least. Sorry but I'm a working guy now...

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Written about Wednesday 2010-08-04
Written: (3862 days ago)

Sorry I haven't been on lately, I've been trying to find time but lately the only time I can get on is are 1 in the morning and I'm dead tired by then. I'll still be busy for a little bit but should I get some free time I'll be sure to go here first. At the latest though I'll get on Sunday around 6 o' clock... asuming things don't go horribly wrong around here. Anywho, that's why I haven't been on and yet again, I'll try asap


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Written about Sunday 2010-04-18
Written: (3970 days ago)

As I'm sure any who read this know I'm back from boot camp, currently tech school. My mind has just been swirling with thought and I've been doing some soul searching lately. I thought that I had done that before, but I guess things get thrown out of perspective again when you finally live on your own. Sure I'm not completely on my own... but this the most on my own I've been in my life. Although it may seem bad I embrace this because I know I will be better for it, and who knows... I might get a new character out of the deal. So if I go missing for a day or two, you'll know why, its either that or I just had too much crap to do, god am I busy here.

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Written about Monday 2010-01-18
Written: (4060 days ago)

Here it is:
Well I told you all before that I was going off to boot camp and tech school and I'm not entirely sure of how long that will be. Fear not though for I will make a triumphant return and I will never leave again under my own volition... ya

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Written about Tuesday 2009-10-20
Written: (4150 days ago)
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A farewell to me:
I must inform every who knows me that I am scheduled to leave for 8.5 months on January 19th. I have joined the Air Force and I have finally recieved my shipping date. When I leave I will be gone for 8.5 months but anfter that time I promise to get back on ET as soon as possible. I will message everyone a goodbye near my departure day, but its best for every to know now instead of me just suddenly leaving.

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