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Written about Saturday 2005-09-03
Written: (5285 days ago)

i got green converse.
i heart them:)
aghhhhhhhhh.to me there the best thingsinse bUTTERD bread.man.,Innit

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Written about Thursday 2005-07-28
Written: (5322 days ago)

Bah..i lost my phone yesterday..n then i found out that sum random tourist had picked it up n handed it in 2 the policestation
Thanks d000de!<3
Plug it in BAYBAY<3

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Written about Saturday 2005-05-21
Written: (5390 days ago)

Lol...woT a day!
was in aLnwick all day...it started of sooo suNNNy n then suddenly it started pIssin it down...ma hair was curly as fuck..An we were chattin 2 an old lady bout aLnwick..wot a women,she was smHint...
lol i fullon slipped..im was lmfao!


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Written about Saturday 2005-04-30
Written: (5411 days ago)

HELLLLLO!heHe....Ive dun nuffin tdy!Jst was in anik nerly Allday!Im soooo tired soo buu bixx

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Written about Sunday 2005-04-17
Written: (5424 days ago)

Hia..............................Wat a crap week ive had...was bk 2 skool This week!Shittix

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Written about Thursday 2005-02-17
Written: (5483 days ago)

Hi!!!!!how ish everbudy!
tdy i had ma hair cut nd a straightnen treatment nd ma hair ish well thin nd staright!Lvin it!lolXXXXXXXXXXX
im GOIN to lester tommoz!:(But Im goin shoppin ser it shud be gud!

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Written about Tuesday 2005-02-15
Written: (5485 days ago)

Hi!tdy ive had a weird day!some charvs were stalkin me nd ma m8s!:sSad boys!lol
nd ive h=jst been hangin about!:p

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