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Written about Wednesday 2004-10-27
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[Contin of the Start]Cordy purred slightly.” I love you Najla.” Standing and smiling Najla nodded.” Doesn’t everyone?”

                 Chapter 3
                    Najla’s big reveal

“Damn it’s cold here.” I look like I just crawled out of a hole. My black hair a mess and clothes wrinkled and I’m hungry as hell. Ah, Hell. I miss that place but I left it for this…Thing, this Angel…The most wonderful creature I have meet. I still wonder how we meet, why we meet. How could someone love me, The Devil? I’m supposed to be this cold-hearted creature, the source of all evil! But This! This Angel has found the love in me and brought it out stronger than ever. Looking at him by my side I still wonder what he thinks…I can’t read his mind anymore I gave up all my powers to be with him. But still, I have something’s that are powerful. I haven’t found out what they are yet…but I will.

Najla stood up from his state of lying beside Cordy, who was still sleeping, walking around wondering if it was sun raise or sun set? Why was he so worried about this? With Cordy’s little escape the Ward people are looking for him. 

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Written about Tuesday 2004-10-19
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The Start

It’s been a few years, or so it seemed for Cordy. An angel cast out of heaven for love that was not meant to be. That he’s been living in the Mental Ward, they said he was there since he was 5 from the time he had purposively died. He was an Angel he would tell them, and they would just make him take more pills tell him he it’s just in his mind…He never really died and gone to heaven, he never fell in love with the Devil. Ah, Yes the Devil, He is the one that put Cordy in this place. The one that Cordy loved and cared for…He did nothing to save Cordy from God’s punishment. Though He knew he was there, watching. This is Cordy’s tale of his life.

Another day in my Prison; 30 days and counting. I do not feel like I have been here for 20 years… There is no way. Then how come I don’t remember anything, but only the warmness of clouds and the sun…and soft feathers of a wing? Why? No one believes that I’m an Angel cast out of Heaven for loving the one creature of all Evil…Najla…The Devil. Oh, How much I loved him, and I still do. But what can I do to have him back? He did nothing for me! Nothing! And it hurt more than anything.

I cry myself to sleep at night now. Still-hunted by his warm hands. Yes they were warm and filled with love! I knew he loved me I knew he did! That night I was with him in Hell, his bed chamber, it changed my way of thinking forever…How I want to feel that love again. I think in this time Mortals call it Fucking? But to us Angels and Demons it’s called Mating. Odd Creatures Mortals…Running around trying to live. When, ha, they are going to die anyways. Oh my mind has been tainted, Damn these Creatures of this world. The air, the sky...the hate. It hurts all too much! I can’t take it, I want out, out forever! Hn, I’m stuck here…Here on Earth.

                Chapter One.
                The breakout
I have daily Groups I go to, the same people every day. It’s annoying. They have problems not me. I have a life, just not here.

I get people who visit me, claiming to be my Mother and Father. I play along just to get better and to leave this place. The woman; my mother, Her name is Cathleen Hurley, and the Male; my father is Davis Hurley. And I’m Cordy Hurley.Hn. Not my real name but at least I have a family this time. Also they say I’m 25, but I don’t look and day over 17…how odd. I have a sister, oh so I’m told. I’ve seen the child. A spoiled brat; Melissa.

My hair is the color of the red leaves in the fall. Which I like; it’s better than the dull white or blonde hair of an angel. My eyes they are a beautiful shade of green, they seem to glow at times. I love them…my skin, ah yes the skin…It’s pale almost like snow. I really don’t like the sun much; it gets too hot. My voice has changed too. My voice was once soft, now it’s that of a Mortal man; But still soft at times. I am thin, too thin they say. I never ate before or at least I don’t remember how. The first time I tried I choked.

I would have time to myself in my one bedded room. A small bed and a bared window too high for me to actually see out of. I sat on my bed one night, I could not sleep and I swore I saw someone looking down at me from that window. I am scared to sleep now, feeling that someone could get me. Scary feeling.

Ah, well it’s night now. I’m just sitting on my bed holding my knees to my chest. My eyes are closed, listening to the silent world. It’s too silent… I would usually hear a guard whistling. But not tonight, I feel my heart beating faster. It’s like thunder in my ears I hate the sound.

I open my eyes and let my feet soft fall to the floor. Slowly standing up I try to make less sound as I can but the stupid bed squeaks as I move. I head toward the door; maybe I could look out of it. As I stand on my tiptoes to look out the little small glass window on the door, my hand rests on the doorknob, which turns under the weight of my hand. The door is open, it’s never open or unlocked; something is wrong here I can feel it. Still I’m stupid enough to open the freaking door, peering down the left side of the hall then right, I see nothing.” Hello?” Yes, I’m that stupid. I get no answer. Stepping out of my room more I turn toward the left my back facing the other way, I’m looking for something but what. Then that’s when it hit me or someone hit me- Hard. In the back of the head I tumble to the ground, the last thing I remember was someone standing over me.

                        The awakening
Cordy woke up moaning slightly and holding the back of his head.” Ouch…that hurt…” Once his eyes focused he looked around, he was no longer in the ward anymore, he was somewhere dark…and cold. ”Uh…Hello?” Cordy’s voice didn’t seem to work that well but still he tried. “Hello anyone here?” He started to stand up, his head still throbbing. “What do you think?” The voice that replied to the young male was cold and harsh. Cordy jumped at the voice, now shaking. That voice! It’s so familiar.” N-najla?” Cordy’s heart quickened in speed again.” Hello, Cor.” Yes! It was Najla, only he would call Cordy that.” Oh Najla!” Cordy seemed so happy.” Where are you? I can’t see anything…” As if on cue a match lights up and illuminates the room. Sitting on a box in the far corner of the room, sat him. The creator of evil. Najla; the Devil. He looked just as he did before. Long blood red hair, blue green eyes, bright red lips, and snow-white skin. Still so beautiful…His nails…. they have seemed to grow longer since the last time. Hm, still painted black as always. “Najla, Why did you leave me?” Najla shook his head lifting up his hand to light a candle that sat next to him, a moment later the room fills with candle light.” I did not leave you…. I was merely waiting.” Cordy sat back down on the ground.” You’ve waited long enough…” Najla flashed him and warm and soft smile.” Yes, long enough.” He scooted until he was on his knees on the ground.” Very long….” He then started crawling toward the angel. Cordy at this point became very flushed in the face; he had this beautiful creature before him crawling to him on all fours, just for him.”Um…what are you doing?” Cordy eyes glowed at this point with hesitation. Najla stopped advancing on the angel.” What do you mean what am I doing?” Najla’s smile faded into a small frown.” Are you ok?” Cordy sighed looking a the floor now.” I’m not sure…. Up there in heaven you did nothing to help me.” Najla chewed his red painted lip.” I have no power over what the holy has over you. I can only love you and now my dear I can protect you here on Earth.” Najla idly strokes Cor’s cheek in a soft tender loving way. Cordy tilted his head into the touch and smiled slightly.” I love you.” Najla nodded and smiled.” I love you too, my button.” Ah, yes the nicknames have started again.” So, what are you going to do now?” Cordy licks the retreating hand of Najla.” Oh.I don’t know. Maybe something.” Cordy bounced slightly.” Will it be soon?” Najla laughed and shook his head.” Maybe.”

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