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Written about Sunday 2010-05-16
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I am who I am...whoever that may be O_o

Today, marks my first diary/blog in history O_o. I am who I am...the title comes from everything that I am. I don't know, I tend to be really random and ramble on a lot about nothing. Oh my god, my friend corrupted my mind...that is what she does. -_-' Anyways, I am a 23 year old male. Yes I do believe that is right O_o Yes. I have had a horrible past that has made me who I am. I have gone on with life to try to make my friends happy. So far I think I have done an okay job at trying to help people. Well, anyways enough rambling, I bet whoever if anybody is reading this doesn't want to just be bored to death.
If someone really wants to know who I am the best way is to talk to me. lol, leave a comment ^^ I don't care. I am not a musician...well...I am but only as a hobby. I play the bass guitar and drums. I don't have time to go full out and try to be great. I have my own health issues to deal with. I have been battling lung cancer since I was 17 ...that I know of I have had it longer but I got it diagnosed when I was 17. I don't fear it though. I fight it, and I will keep fighting it ^^ I am strong O_o for the most part lol. With my great luck I even have slight asthma too. I don't know why I got stuck with them but I did. lol, I also have some sort of eating disorder that makes me lose weight really fast and I can't gain weight really well. I only weigh 108 lbs and I am 6 ft. Yes, I know this is unhealthy -_-' that is why it is a problem lol. I am doing okay though ^^ I eat a LOT lol. I am very active even with having the health issues. ^^ I work two jobs, do martial arts training, sword fighting, work on my car and also electronics, play sports sometimes, practice my music every now and then, listen to music, DANCE!!! (can you tell I love dancing ^^'), cook and bake, draw, read, and now I guess I am starting a blog O_o. I don't know I was bored ^^'.
Well, anyways, I am very odd, dorky, nerdy, crazy, insane, and even some might say a genius or mastermind O_o...don't know who, lol. I love my mind for the most part cause it tends to just do what it wants, but sometimes that isn't a good thing -_-\' Really, most of the time that isn\'t a good thing. Why do I like it then? haha I don\'t know I am weird and strange. If someone really decided to read this, and read all the way through...you are amazing and spetacular and ...AMAZITACULAR!! haha my awesome word ^^ oh and I am creating a dictionary of made up words...don't ask me why, I don't know...I felt like it lol. And well whoever read this should comment me I don't care what you have to say but say something. I don't bite......usually O_o. I know I probably scared you away now. But let me know if my crazy randomness annoyed any of you. It can help me. And if you want to become my fan ^-^ that would be so awesome and nice....you will get a cookie O_o a cookie picture maybe lol...cause I can't really give you a cookie..I would if I could. And next blog will be.... a very depressing and sad story about a boy. O_o Aww, now I don't want to say it -_-' it will depress people. But it's a good story, I believe it is at least. Well until next time, peace. ^-^

Oh and last but not least I am a gay fag. O_o wait....when did I become a happy cigarette?? I mean I am gay ^-^ haha, and if you want to insult me at least know what you are saying. gay = happy/loves the same sex (I am both lol) and fag = cigarette ^^ I am glad to have given you this random word lesson for the day ^w^ now take care.

and yes O_o I said I was random and I meant it...this is a copy of my first blog ever that no one read haha ^^ and I doubt they will on here either lol

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