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Written about Saturday 2008-09-13
Written: (4553 days ago)

So it's been a while since I have really done anything on here. Been a little busy with life. Getting ready to join the reserves just have to loose a few more pounds thinking about getting some high powered drug albeit legal/safe or not. Need to get in there. My scores were 81/99. pretty good means I can do anything I want. But yeah not on here as much not really on anything that much anymore.

My relationship is getting better.

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Written about Sunday 2007-07-08
Written: (4986 days ago)

Reminder to self. Stay a bachelor.

Well she stalked me for almost a week. Crazy **** thought I wouldn't be able to tell it's her. Damn she is ignorant. Always wanting the last word. Always starting something then blaming others when it falls apart. Now she wants some damn three day grace period. I am asuming that means if I don't communicate back she will go away back to what ever she was doing, being a whore? Cutting her wrists again? Maybe she will cheat on "Her true love" I know what I will do. Party hardy learn all I can about life. And flirt with every girl I work with.

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