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Written about Sunday 2005-05-22
Written: (5384 days ago)

Just shoot me and let me die let me waist my life that’s a lie you see me here .Not wanting to understand can u get this concept of what I'm about to do or who I am. I don't wanna live any more not that I already am... my life is pointless nothing true. All my dreams are broken and I’m stuck here wanting you.... my sky’s have darkened to which I cannot bare the storms have worsened to where I can not stare at my leisure to replenish me whole my days have darkened.. And so has my sole... I wish there was some one I could trust, to take my hand to hold and lead me away to my place. Beyond my eternal darkness I wanna lay… back and watch the storm roll over my eyes knowing to day I don’t need to Lie.. But not the one that digs my grave and covers me alive wile my harts desires stay broken and my tears fall to the side deep inside... You could stand here and watch, take in my sight but see what’s what and really right you see un image only you want to see. Maybe that’s just my perception of me  I walk as if I can no one holding me up to stand but if u could really see, you would see I'm not walking at all I’m drowning in my tears and silent fears screaming as I fall. I could hit the ground u would never know only that my eyes have glazed staring back at you all ....I can smile and turn laughing cuz you will never learn .. I walk with a stride of conviction take me to the courtroom awaiting my sentience believe me I’m running out of patience…. 

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Written about Monday 2005-03-21
Written: (5446 days ago)

I dunno what to say i dunno what to do I'll I hear anymore is more abuse from you you hit me beet screem at me some times I like cuz i'm kinki that way but i'm tired hurting and fealling inside i'm tired hearing al thoughs nasty lil lies can't you see me for me? why am I so fake do you look in the mirror and screem cuz you can't take what it is you hold inside so dark and dimm but what you don't realize that I am reall and in reality unfortionaly i can see through you and yes i truely do know you .So hug me and kiss me don't screem and fight don't I have any rights... this whole thing sucks I know just some things going on inside kindda like the dark when the light comes on you wanna smash it and brake it but your hart ant that strong so you live with your struggle all in side and yet years go bye as it creeps out side

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