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Written about Tuesday 2004-10-05
Written: (5832 days ago)

This is really really p*ssin me off...why the hell cant he ([Ulfric]) all just grow up and stop annoying me and my family...its a sad state to be in when all you can do is intimidate children and make them hate you more than they already do.

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Written about Sunday 2004-06-20
Written: (5939 days ago)

wow i just found out that people on here actually like me...

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Written about Sunday 2004-05-23
Written: (5967 days ago)

Well today is my first day on Elfwood...Its not to bad at all. I like it. I even made a friend already so i guess im not doing too bad. Its a good thing to use to pass the time while i wait for alan to call...

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