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Written about Monday 2005-06-20
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Yesterday was my 16th birthday party (my actual birthday was three months ago today). I had a blast! I was a little worried about it at first though. My crush (now girlfriend), Ariana ( [IT'S A BOY] ), wasn't sure if she was gonna come because of some of the people that were gonna be there. You see, my friend Heather, ( [DarkAngelHF] ), has this big crush on me and I told her that I didn't like her that way. Now she gets really bitchy and jealous because me and Ariana hang out more than her and I. Well, now lets get back to my party. I was in the pool for basically 9 hours, from 2 in the afternoon when the party started to 11 at night when it ended. I invited about twenty people but only 8 of them showed up, that doesn't include my family that came though. Me and Ariana hung on each other a lot in the pool, the rest of the time her and my other friend Allee ( [Akika_Inari] ) were hanging all over our friend Matt trying to sink him and stuff. But towards the end of the night was the best part of my party. Mike ( [maggotmikey89] ), one of my bestest friends, decided to do what Ariana told him to and he put on her bikini. She took his boxers and my white ribtank. He even pulled the bottoms up his ass so it became a thong... I love him to death... if I was straight I would marry him. He'll make someone a great husband! Another good thing that happened near the end was when me and Ariana were sitting together by the pool. I love just being around her, even if we aren't talking to each other. To be in her company is good enough for me. Well I'm gonna wrap this up and say goodnight... so goodnight!

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