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Written about Wednesday 2009-10-21
Written: (3940 days ago)

sometimes things arent always what they seem, life is hard and it sucks. but its ok. no one knows who you actually are and sometimes you just have to put yourself outhere. well i cant im not like that way.. in now way shape or form. sorry. im back in school. guess im liking it but now i have to worry about bills. family. trying to get things up and running. and then a job. i quit my job one day b4 my birthday and now i wish i didnt cause now i have no money no job and no one to really rely on. which soooo fucking sucks. i just want to get away. in my own world and find out for myself who i am supposed to be and how im supposed to get there. im tired of being afraid of everything and anything i come in contact with. i guess as of now i can only see the world or the U.S.A for what its really worth. SHIT!1

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Written about Wednesday 2005-06-15
Written: (5530 days ago)

hey everyone ummm right now is not a really good time for me you know....i had just found out that my firend has cancer and umm well thats all i know i will get more information later but i just cant help it though i mean he was counting on his friends...and they let him down. i dont understand how you can be friends with him and then dis own him b/c he has cancer...its wrong...and his g/f or w/e broke up with him b/c he has cancer...if i have cancer would you do that to me??? i mean my god its just wrong i was so pissed off when i read it though.its just that i dont want to see anybody go down like that and they are just drowning in the water waiting for someone to come and rescue him.

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