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Written about Monday 2009-07-06
Written: (3884 days ago)

hey everybody, add me on myspace at www.myspace.com/beelzebub08

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Written about Saturday 2009-06-27
Written: (3892 days ago)
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Just as a general statement i think we can all agree that Robot Chicken is the shit, can we not? Seth Green has been astounding me for years. As Scotty in Austin Powers his love hate relationship with his father had me laughing for quite sometime. Without a paddle was not a good movie per se, but Seth Green made it worth watching. Robot Chicken will never be not funny, and with his new appearance in the movie Sex Drive, Seth Green has once again completely amazed me. I take my hat off to his performance in that movie, and if you haven't seen it, watch it.

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Written about Saturday 2009-05-02
Written: (3948 days ago)

ok, i sent this message to one of my friends her, and i don't know why i haven't expressed this before. if you disagree, buggar off, because i'm me, and i will think whatever i want. 
i have been wondering about the validity of twilight for quite some time. the book was alright, but the mocie made me consider imaginative ways of suicide. i haven't been able to pick out one good thing in that movie, from the oversized queer-ass sparkling head of that wanna-be actor, to the one dimensional acting of the lead actress. The screenplay in that movie was so bland and repetitive i thought i was going to puke my brain onto the floor. she would say something like'i need to know', and he would say 'i can't tell you', and she would make that retarded little gasping noise she does...and the part where he went through his little speil on how cool he was and ripped up that tree? i have seen better graphics swirling in the disease infested shitter of random truckstop mens' rooms...but it's like noone else in the world can see the amount of suck that was put into making this movie because of the mere fact that it's about vampires falling in love with humans. that was hardly even a good plot in buffy...

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Written about Saturday 2009-05-02
Written: (3948 days ago)

Well hello there diary, we meet agian....for...the..first...time...uh, yeah. HAVE AT YOU THEN!!!! *attacks the walls*

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