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Written about Saturday 2008-10-11
Written: (4326 days ago)

Grrr... I was writing on something here, but beacuse I was going back and forth and doing other things, by the time I was done with it I was logged out due to long time of inactivity.. couldn't go back and I can't bother rewriting it all...

Would just like to say that if you really want to talk to me, you got a better chance over msn. You can just poke me there and remind me to visit Elftown more often. cloud_drake_5@hotmail.com

Also, I discovered this game a while ago. Its really easy to play.. takes max 5 minutes every day if you don't want to make anything more of it. Please join through the link, register and verify and log in once and then forget about it all in order to earn me 10 gold ;P
You can also simply write in my name as a sponsor if you join without that specific link: Telcara is my in game name. If you decide to continue with the game, you're welcome to ask for advice.


Join. Now.


Thank you <3

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Written about Saturday 2008-05-10
Written: (4479 days ago)

Alright, so I'm back.. again.. um.. yeah.. I realize I need to change my house.. but Photoshop and all my stuff (mainly photos) are on the other computer. Think it would look nice if I spring decorated it.. we'll see. Its hard to gain access to the other computer now as my mom, who's 40+ years, has become anime obsessed!!!

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Written about Monday 2008-02-18
Written: (4562 days ago)
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I have just watched Fruits Basket. It was good. I might have said to some people that I didn't like anime but I guess that the ones I had seen before had been the less good ones. It touched me in a strange way, sickly filled with emotions, I am.

I want to do well in school (stupid typo used to be here before - good). I have never expressed that I would like to be the best, I just want to do well. I have talked with my french teacher and she has said that I can catch up to old presentations and the like by doing a few things, which was very nice of her. Saves me a lot of work, and worries. I feel calmer about french now but still a bit worried about math. At the beginning of this term, I felt that french and math would be my weakest subjects.

After I had watched the series, I got an urge to draw a map over my own imaginary world. Its a very complicated world, and sometimes I fear, even too complicated. I want to draw a map over it but it is hard. I don't know all the names yet for all the countries.. but as someone told me, I don't have to make everything up right now. They might as well pop up during the writing. And oh how I would like to write...

My imagination is very dear to me.

And secretly, I hope to find someone I can hug.

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Written about Monday 2007-12-31
Written: (4610 days ago)

I'd like to wish everyone here on Elftown a Happy New Year!

I'm sorry I haven't been as active... people I know here leave or disappear, or get busy.. so msn is much easier to use to kep in touch with people. However, I do remember Elftown and will never forget the people whom I've met here and I do log on now and then.. so if you'd like to talk, about anything, I'm here.

I'm looking forward to this new year. I will do my best to not let the tiredness take over, I will be strong.. and I hope you will be strong as well.. =)

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Written about Saturday 2007-03-24
Written: (4892 days ago)



Hele K├Áre & Kristjan Kasearu
Both in Estonian. These songs makes me proud of knowing the language and to be born in Estonia.



The two above ones are other 'interesting' songs in Estonian.

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