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Written about Friday 2009-07-31
Written: (3959 days ago)

So. Um. Been a while since I really did anything on here. In that time, I've gotten married and am now 6 weeks pregnant. I'm having some trouble though, I've already been told I might be having a miscarriage, though it doesn't look as likely now. In any case, I was put on bed rest one day, taken off the next day only to be told I can't do anything really. No lifting boxes, no grocery shoping, blah. So I play games all day and visit friends to mooch Internet. ^^; It's rather boring actually, 'cause I wanna go play DDR and swim. But nope. Not allowed. u.u

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Written about Sunday 2007-12-02
Written: (4567 days ago)

I don't know what it is, but no matter what happens, I still feel alone. As odd as it sounds, I had more people I could talk to at this point last year than I do now. I'm not gonna whine about it any more, but there's nothing I can really do about it without sending myself into a nervous coughing fit. -_-; I know, I'm probably not making any sort of sense right now, but I'm not really supposed to. I doubt I ever will, other than to maybe one or two other people. It's just...well...I used to like being on my own. USED to. Now, I really don't. I like being around other people I know. But, right now that's only four people here. One I'm with constantly, another is his roommate and in a couple of my classes. The third I have a couple of classes with, but don't see too much of outside that. The fourth and last (though certaintly not least) I see a couple of times a week. If I'm lucky. And if I do see him, we only say hi, if that, a majority of the time. I used to talk to him more than the rest (hell, I didn't know the rest other than the first until recently), and now...well...I guess everyone's just growing up. Growing up and growing apart. I only talk to a handful of friends from high school, and a few from McMurry. I've got about the same amount here at MSU. And, thinking about that when I'm a little under two months from turning twenty is a sobering thought, one that's been plaguing me the past couple of days. It may sound childish, but I don't wanna grow up. Not yet! There's still so much left to do! But at the same time, I want to get the hell away from here, really start my life...and I can't really do what I want. The future will get here when it does, and that's all there is to that. I'm gonna grow up, just like everyone will, and we'll all drift apart. I just don't like seeing signs of that right before my eyes. I've said a lot of this before, but each time I notice it, it hurts a bit more. Even more this time around for some reason I can't figure out. But...I can't stop it. And I won't. It's not my place to openly complain about all this. (AKA I'm not gonna say anything to anyone that this concerns unless they bring it up, and this will be the only time I mention it.) If everyone's gonna go their own way, they have my blessings and well wishes, just as everyone else who's drifted has. I just wish it wouldn't happen. It's inevitable, but still...

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Written about Sunday 2006-10-22
Written: (4973 days ago)

Weekends aren't so bad after all... ^^ I've been re-reading an old favorite HP fanfiction of mine and have fallen in love with it all over again, and another fic has been updated! Plus B-ridge is going to Area in marching band, and I got to leave campus today! ^___________^ So, yes...I'm happy. Will write more later (perhaps tomorrow). Just thought I'd put this up so no one on dA, MySpace, Elftown, or LJ would worry about me. ^^'

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Written about Wednesday 2006-10-04
Written: (4990 days ago)

You know You're in th eMarching Band when.....

*you list your band director as an emergency contact.*
*all your idols are dead. And have been for several centuries.*
*you make band jokes in a class where there are no other band people.*...then try to explain, get exhasperated, and have to say "It's a band thing."*
*you list your band director as a reference on job applications.
*you know that you "Don't go there."*
*you've ever counted the tiles on the ceiling of your Biology teacher's class room to get him to go to the band room.*
*you do fire drills, you complain that your teacher should let you go to the band room, since that IS where you'd be in a real fire.* (gotta protect that clarinet)
*you hear music and begin to mark time.*
*people want to contact you, so they call the band room.*

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Written about Wednesday 2006-09-27
Written: (4997 days ago)

Don't you hate it when things happen all of a sudden? I mean, sometimes it's okay, but...well, okay. Let me explain. Two years ago today, my little brother hit his head. Two years ago Friday, he died. For some reason it didn't click in my head until Theory that this was true. So, yeah...Today's been pretty bad. First I reliazed that, then I didn't do that well at singing auditions for band, then I lost my mouthpiece, so I can't pratice because I have no mouth piece. Then I couldn't remember where I was supposed to go in the drill, so I felt like an idiot then. Of cou