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Written about Thursday 2008-02-07
Written: (4822 days ago)

k guys i read all my diaries and i just relized there about guys or being mad so this is ganna be a different one...... so today i went to skool and nothing adnormal happened.... well this morning one of my best friends moved away...talk about a tear drop...lol... im ganna miss him so fliipen much...his name is ryan hes a cool guy once ya get to know him on my level... um next week is spirit week for our skool and guess what monday is ..... p.j day its my favorite one..im pretty excited... our spirit week is for snowgoing which i dont think im goin i have a dress but i changed my mind on rather i should go or not... i dont think im ganna tho even tho that weekend is so far free.. all my friends want me too go real bad just like homecoming but im not a freshman and i already went to my homecoming.... i mean ya actually i dont know what i mean... hey did u guys know that if everyone on elftown had a myspace i would have so many friends it would be crazy.... well actually i already have quite a bit... well im supposed to be hangin out with one of my bestest friends Lyle and my other friend Ashleigh but im bust writing this and im not in the mood to really hang out with anybody today.. alright well i think this is long enough for one day so peace out and love u all......!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Written about Tuesday 2008-02-05
Written: (4824 days ago)
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ok heres the deal.... im in love with someone who im not sure fells the same i mean i know they care about me and all that but how do i know if they love me...how do i tell them that thats how i fell and not feel stupid???? why do we have these feelings and why does it hurt????? i cant take all this pain and waitng i want it to be over but i dont want to be done with him....HELP!!!

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Written about Tuesday 2007-09-11
Written: (4971 days ago)

man im so pissed i fuckin hate my life sumtimes with all the fighting and name calling and all the fuckin shit that goes on.......... sum1 kill meeee

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Written about Sunday 2007-09-09
Written: (4974 days ago)

hey everdays been the same i go to school it gets done then i pick these kids up from skool everyday cept friday i even babysit on the weekends....i know boring.....but one day i did get to leave early but that was to go to the doctors...... i have so much sit wrong with me....like thyroid bloodsurgar and a bone popped out of place..... alll this for one stupis apapintment....so today i got all my test in and know sumthing bout a month or so.... welll i high and tired so peace elftown

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Written about Tuesday 2007-09-04
Written: (4978 days ago)

hey everyone my realationship is goin great i think he is really in love with me well i hope cause i really do like him.... everytime i get on here i look forward to seeing a message from him i love this guy so much and hope it last forever well at least a long time.... i dont think ill ever have a reason to break it with him cause ya know what i dont think it would be possible for him to hurt me he is such an amazingly nice guy... ok well luv u all and luvbug if u read this i love u 2

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Written about Thursday 2007-08-09
Written: (5004 days ago)

hey if everyone wants too know what my username means.......read this.....it is sumthing that my friends call me because my strongest point in dancing i shaking by ass so there u all go!!!

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Written about Wednesday 2007-07-25
Written: (5020 days ago)

hey everyone, the guy i have been talkin about in here asked me out..... the only reason i didnt ask him out was because i was afraid he might say no but he made the move....lol im so glad he did it tho because i like him alot and i hope he understands how much i really do....well i would tell u who it is but i dont know if he wants me too....k well i love u and gatta go

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Written about Thursday 2007-07-12
Written: (5033 days ago)

to the guy who has been writing me about my diary yes it is about u ever sense i met u i liked u alot to much to explain but i decided to quit trying sense i never thought u would ever think about me in a way more than a friend and i smiled when i u said i feel the same way too i hope that we can always be friends and someday out friendship will be something more well i always wanted u to know u i love u as a friend and more than a friend and if i had the chance to date u i would take it in heart beat. well godnight and ill will talk to u all someday again!!!

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Written about Wednesday 2007-03-21
Written: (5145 days ago)
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hey how is everyone doin im ok i guess i think i fell in luv with this guy but i dont know what his true feelings r about me i wish i did know cause i really like him well i dont know what u guys wanna hear besides my day was good even tho it could always be better lol well have a wonderful rest of the day

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