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Written about Monday 2007-03-26
Written: (5538 days ago)

hey i completely forgot about this lol

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Written about Tuesday 2006-07-11
Written: (5796 days ago)

hey peeps i just want 2 say i mite not be on for a while coz i iz goin a big sk8 mish round the whole island for the summer and i am camping aswll lots of drugs and alcohol lol so if i dnt reply 2 ur messages that is why but thats not for like anither 2 weeks lol peace out lots of love Graham aka Nameless xxxxxxxxxxx

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Written about Tuesday 2006-05-30
Written: (5838 days ago)

yey i finaly have a girlfriend that appriciates me for who i am not wot i do yey mah band has a recording session soon better get practicing lol

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Written about Friday 2006-05-26
Written: (5842 days ago)

i am so gutted that ah can't down the machine tonite n get drunk n meat a girl that i like my parents are so gay grrrrr!!!!!!!!!!

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Written about Thursday 2006-05-25
Written: (5843 days ago)

why does life always come back and bite you in the ass when you think things are going so well just face it LIFE SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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