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Written about Sunday 2008-10-05
Written: (4579 days ago)

I am happy.

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Written about Friday 2007-08-24
Written: (4987 days ago)
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I never write in this diary, but now I am going to.

I just want to let the world know that I have the best friend
someone could ever have.
She's all I have and so much more. She's all I need.
She gives me so much, and I hope I give just as much
back. I love her into pieces and SHE BETTER KNOW THAT.
Uh huh.

Sweetiepie, if you're reading this. I love you.

Short entry, but oh SO true.

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Written about Friday 2007-02-23
Written: (5168 days ago)

I'm ready to take you home and make it real again.

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Written about Wednesday 2006-12-27
Written: (5227 days ago)

Christmas was lovely. I don't want it to ever be over.
I think I need to appreciate the people in my life more.
Actually, I need to appreciate everything in my life
Even the misfortunes.

Still no snow.

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Written about Monday 2006-12-18
Written: (5236 days ago)

That's why I'm easy,
Easy like a sunday morning.

I've got 3849384 things to do.
Yesterday a person started to fight with me. He reminded me so much of Gerald. That's why I pretty much owned his pathetic ass. Excuse me for saying that though, I'm sure he's a good person sometimes, when he's not with me.
I </3 Fights.

I love my sister. I really do. She's so the coolest person ever, just so you know.


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Written about Sunday 2006-12-03
Written: (5251 days ago)

Maybe she's just too much drama?

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Written about Saturday 2006-12-02
Written: (5252 days ago)

He misses me.

I've a test on monday, I'm not prepared.
I'm not supposed to be here - So I am leaving.


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Written about Thursday 2006-11-30
Written: (5254 days ago)
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All I want for Christmas is you.

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Written about Saturday 2006-11-04
Written: (5280 days ago)

Some people wait a lifetime
for a moment like this.

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Written about Saturday 2006-10-28
Written: (5287 days ago)
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My hamster poops
everywhere but
I love her anyway.


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Written about Tuesday 2006-10-10
Written: (5305 days ago)

I want to touch the earth, and break it in my hand.

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Written about Thursday 2006-09-14
Written: (5331 days ago)
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God I feel like a rant.
I want to journal!

I'll do it like later.
I miss Live Journal. :(


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Written about Friday 2006-09-08
Written: (5337 days ago)

Even though you're gone, Life goes on.

Life goes on without you baby.

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Written about Tuesday 2006-09-05
Written: (5340 days ago)
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Okay, so I haven't been as good as I thought I would be. You know with the updates here and all. I thought I would like be SO good and write these long long long entries every single day. Yeah, like that would happen. I always think I can do more than I really can. And then I always end up disappointed in the end, which is after only a few days.
Like now.

Yesterday was a day full of poop. I don't know what it's with me nowadays, but I'm so restless. And my moodswings! Yeah. Don't play with fire.

.. No, but seriously. At first I'm happy and then something happens or someone says something, and then in one second I'm a mess. And it'll last all night.
I think it's because I miss Mally.
And because I'm already tired of school.
Or because,
Many reasons.

But now I'm going to write a proper mail to Mally. She deserves that. <3



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Written about Sunday 2006-09-03
Written: (5342 days ago)

I Hate Homeworks.

Take me away.
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Written about Saturday 2006-09-02
Written: (5343 days ago)

A fly commited suicide last night.
I'll tell you all about that later.
Right now I'm going to write a mail to

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Written about Thursday 2006-08-31
Written: (5345 days ago)
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Great news today;

HIS Myspace is Deleted.

[Invalid Friend ID.]
[This user has either cancelled their membership, or their account has been deleted.]

Maybe this is it. Maybe now it's finally over. Maybe now I can forget and start all over. Geez, I'm saying that all the time, you could think that maybe I should have put some action to it. But I haven't. Or I have. But maybe I just like saying it, "Now I can forget and start over". Or maybe that's just my freaking way of actually getting it into my mind.
But it's there.
But I don't really get it.
Eugh. I don't even know! It's so insane. I don't know what I feel. I wonder sometimes how he is and what he's doing. I sometimes would like to just find out. But I don't want to contact him, why should I even? I left him and I'm going to leave it that way.
I regret the fact that I didn't send his mother that letter though. But oh well, I'll get over that I guess. I would like to apologize to her etc. Maybe I should send them a card for Christmas. (And ruin their Christmas. Ooor maybe I shouldn't do that. No cards for Christmas.) I don't know what I should do. I'll end up doing nothing and that's probably the best.

However I've got to admit that it was freaking sweet to see that his Myspace is gone.
- A relief, actually.


Partay tomorrow night. Longing. I get off at 9.35, whhheeeheey. Really early. One lesson - YES MA'AM. Will only happen once but I appreciate that. It's Textcommunication and I'm really leet in that class. I wrote the killer line on the advertising picture. A car, a Toyota. We were supposed to write just a little small thing, just like Loreal does "Because you're worth it". I don't know if I spell 'Loreal' right, or if it's their thing (The worth it poo thing.)
OKAY, the best part - I wrote "Drive safe." above the car in the picture.
Yes, feel free to laugh.
It was the first thing I wrote, you can't expect that to be good.

I don't know when the next update will be, probably saturday or maybe sunday. I know you long for the moment when you'll see a new entry in here, I really know you do.

You are still me.
But that doesn't make it less good.
I'm good.

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Written about Tuesday 2006-08-29
Written: (5347 days ago)


I thought since I was updating yesterday in here I could do it today again. I don't know if I have much to say today though, at least not as much as I had yesterday. But hey, I can always try.
I want to start by saying that I regret a few things I wrote in my previous entry. I wont change anything in it because it's what I felt like writing then, and if I would change my entries every single time I felt like this then this wouldn't have any use. The whole diary thing. Actually, that's a crazy idea I have - To change what I've written. It's probably because I'm actually ashamed of what I felt and wrote, but seriously what kind of diary is it when I change everything? It wouldn't be a honest diary, it would be like a lie.
Anyway, this is going to be a honest diary.
Nothing will be changed.

Okay, now we got that straight and I'll move on to the thing I regret. It is like this; I was reading through my last entry, right. And my spontanious feeling at one place is that I'm telling hm.. the reader (Which is me.) that I want him to call.
I want to dial his number on my phone. I want to call him, just like I did all those times. All the times when things were good.
And a little later.
I want him to call me. I want the boy I fell in love with to call me. I want him to be so damn perfect.
He'll never be.

(Now you might think I put that quote here to make my entry seem longer, but that's not the case.)

Haha, before I used to analyze his e-mails, but obviously I've moved on to my own things now. But that's not so bad. Okay, so. Sure, sometimes I feel like I want to dial his number, just to see. I used to call him so much before, it was like a habit. Now it feels empty. A bit. I'll get over it.

The second thing; I don't actually want him to call me. Not HIM. If he was in an other boy's body, if he wasn't he. If he was someone else. Someone else who was darn perfect. THEN. Then he could call me. But I can't really say that he could call me, because it wouldn't be him. But then that boy could call me. (I don't know how he would get my number though.) Anyway, you get the idea.
Honestly, perfection isn't even needed. He'll be perfect in my eyes even if he isn't all perfect according to whatever poo thingie. I'm not perfect so why should he be? He shouldn't. What makes him different will make him beautiful to me. Enough about that though.

Tonight will probably be just like my previous two nights. But it's okay. Maybe this is the part when I grow and leave it behind me.

And bla bla.
Now this is enough for today.

So long!

I just want a happy ever after.
The End.

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Written about Monday 2006-08-28
Written: (5348 days ago)

The greatest thing
you'll ever learn
is just to [Love],
and be [Loved]
in Return.

I never update here, I thought I'd change that just for today. So here I am.
I missed Him last night, and I hated it.
I know I needed the change and if God would press rewind and bring me back to that moment I'd take the same way. I'd do the same thing. I'd end up here again.
The thing is just that my heart is broken and I'm left here picking up the pieces. He's gone. Actually, he isn't completely gone but he isn't here in the way I'd need him. He'll never be there for me in that way anymore. Never ever. The way he's with me now just makes me hurt, makes me want him gone.
I try to start a new life, to throw out all my memories from that time. Our time. I thought I succeeded and I thought I was going in the right direction. Well - I am. I have changed, I really have. But I never thought every step would be this hard to take. I thought that to get him out would make everything alright. I can always try to convince myself that I'm happier now, but honestly. Sometimes that's not true. Sometimes I'm just as low as I was back then. Maybe even lower? Yeah, maybe even lower. I know I'm better off now, who wouldn't be? I know it wasn't love. I know it wasn't pure. I know it wasn't the best thing ever. But why am I taking it so hard then? Why did I think it was so good and why did he always make my heart flip. I don't even understand it. I'm tired of this, I really am. I'm tired of hurting and I've been for so long. I'm tired of always having a cloud infront of the sun in my sky.
Of course, that could be seen as something good. When I've finally realized that I'm tired of the way everything is for me then I'm ready to move on. Ready to change things, put some effort into a it. Don't get me wrong, I am ready. My God I am, I've been ready for so long. But nothing happens, no matter how much I try. I've been trying to forget him, to just move on. To be happy. But it all comes down to one thing - Nothing changes. My world is practically the same and I don't feel like I belong. I don't feel confident and I don't feel comfortable. I'm still hurting. I still think of him.
And obviously I still miss him, last night proved that.

I just miss the way he said things sometimes. The way he was when he was here. The way he gave me a hug. The way he kissed my cheek when I was pretending to be sad giving him a big pout. The way he told me everything was going to be alright when I really was sad. Just those small things. Sometimes I hear his voice in my head. It doesn't happen too often anymore because honestly I almost forgot how it sounds. I know I would recognize it the moment I would hear it again. But right now I can't picture it.
I guess that's good.
Way to go Jess! Improvement.

I wish I wasn't this weak. I feel lame. Why the hell am I writing this anyway. I know no one will read, and I know that if someone would read they would only think I'm pathetic. So; HI YOU DEAR READER. Feel free to think I'm pathetic. You'll be so right, if you only knew. But hey, sometimes I wonder what I did to deserve this. He was my first love, I think. Was it even love or just.. Affection? I don't even know. I know too little. I don't know fuck all anymore, I dislike that feeling so much. My life is a mess and I don't know how to get out of it. I don't even know what I wish for anymore. Before I wished someone would see me, notice I'm hurting and heal me. I don't need to be healed anymore, at least not by anyone else. I know I need to face it on my own right now. I'll grow when I succeed, it'll make me feel better. But God it's a long way there and I doubt I'm ever half way through it. I don't know when I could have done something wrong to him, something so wrong I'd deserve this. Yes, I made mistakes. I'm really clumsy. But did they really make things so bad? Did they really distroy so much I would deserve to hurt this way?
Infact, that's something quite impressive. I thought I did things right and I thought I made him happy. I thought he was in love and I thought his heart was beating for me. I thought that I meant just as much as he meant to me. I think I was a fool all along. Very naive, too young. I don't know where all these tears come from, I don't know how I can still have any tears left to cry. It tears me up inside and I'm so sick and tired of pretending. I smile and pretend that I'm oh so glad to live my life. But sometimes I don't pretend. Sometimes I'm honest. Those times are good. Those times are the way I wish my life would be all the time. Then I'm happy. But that's not how my life is, I always end up here. Yeah, right here. Crying my pants off.
But hey guys, I'm okay.

God, why am I even crying when he hurt me so?
He doesn't even deserve my tears, do he?

One good thing though is that I know I'll never want him ever again. I'll never take him back. I think such thoughts at night. I thought such thoughts last night. I was wondering how everything would be if I would take him back right now. If I asked him to be mine again. WOA, that would SO NOT ever happen. But still. I think I missed him. But I know that when I'd talk to him I'd realize that I didn't miss him at all. I miss the long gone part of him, the part I fell in love with once. I'll never touch that part in him again, damn I don't even want to. I don't even want him to make me laugh again.
What I really miss is probably just Someone. I don't know if I'd be ready, but I still miss it. Miss that special someone. Miss someone to love and someone who would love me back in return.

But me and him, we're both better off now. He lives his life and I live mine. Sometimes it's just so hard! I want to dial his number on my phone. I want to call him, just like I did all those times. All the times when things were good. Yes, I think those times excisted. Maybe five or six time during that year and 7 months we had together. Okay, that's not true, it was probably some more. But I forgot those.
I want him to call me. I want the boy I fell in love with to call me. I want him to be so damn perfect.
He'll never be.

I want to scream,
I want to cry,
I want to beg.

If he would just tell me why he did all the things he did.
Why he hurt me so much. I'll never know.
I'll have to heal anyway.

I don't think anyone else but me has been reading through all of this. And maybe that's a good thing. Anyway, enough about all that. I've a broken heart - So what?

This thing is way cooler;
Niet Mokken Lekker Wokken.
- Yeah, I SO speak Dutch fluently. That sentence means 'Don't whine, eat wok vegetables.'

I'm going to bed now.
Goodnight. x
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Written about Tuesday 2006-06-13
Written: (5424 days ago)

Impossibilites keeps walking in on me.

So long since I was here.
I don't even know why.
Things are so different,
I don't like it.
Not at all.

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Written about Sunday 2006-04-23
Written: (5475 days ago)
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Is anybody going to save me?
It's too much.

 The logged in version 

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