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Written about Saturday 2008-08-09
Written: (5035 days ago)

As my time grows dim
These last words I whisper
Can you hear them
"Never more shall my heart be broken"

oooooo that just sounds excitedly creepy like from witch hunter robin

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Written about Thursday 2007-09-27
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Written about Thursday 2007-09-27
Written: (5352 days ago)
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Do you think I'm an asshole now,
I don't give two shits about anyones problems.
If you have a problem with me then get over it, I'm not going to change for no one and thats final I'm tired of everyones bullshit and gossip. And no this does not go for everyone.
I rather hang out at a prostitutes lane where there is more action and less drama there, think i'm drama then look in the mirror. You are your own worse enemy and thats a fact.
Don't go talking to the one that has my heart about a bunch of negative stuff about me, talk to have fun not gossip. Yea, not a lot of people see me now and I'm sorta glad about it. I'm proud to have said this I'm proud to be me, and I'm proud of being an asshole to anyone that deserves it. Don't like it then leave me, see if I care, put up a mood that refers to me take it down and talk to me like a man or a woman, don't annouce to the world that you have a problem with me. Get over it people, get over it

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Written about Thursday 2007-09-27
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Written about Saturday 2007-09-15
Written: (5364 days ago)

And now I seek the hand of the one who seduced my heart, where ever could he be for without him I am nothing but a shadow.
He has made me solid with a face for him to touch, eyes for me to see him with, a nose for him to rub his nose against mine, lips for me to smile with, two legs, arms, hands, and feet for me to run and hold him with, a torso for him to caress me, and skin for him to slightly rub. Though I am still incomplete I can still feel whole when I see him.
Who am I, I am but a shadow...

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