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Written about Wednesday 2007-07-25
Written: (4285 days ago)

So... Im leaving for virginia tomarrow. Wont be on much at all. =| But then..
Recently i havent checked anything.
Il be gone for ten days.
Ill.. Be back then o____o

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Written about Monday 2007-01-01
Written: (4491 days ago)
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Written about Wednesday 2006-02-08
Written: (4818 days ago)
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i was going to put somthing on here.. but i forgot what is was.. oh well here are some poems i wrote, tell me what you think ok?

I look into the eyes
Of the person in the reflection
I see Nothing
Her life is ending
She is forgotten
Theres no one there
She wants to die
but theres no death
she screams yet no one hears her
theres no one left
(it sucks i know, but w/e)

She lerks in the darkness
She cares for no one
She lives off hate
she has no past,present, nor future
She wants to die,
but she keeps living
She has no point
Shes just there
(do they even make sence?)

Its sad what happened
Yet we cant turn back time
how i wishe we could
your gone now its so sad
I cry about it at night
and during the day i hide
behind a fake smile
thinking of you
every minute,
every second
cant you come back
why did you leave
come back to us please
thats al i need...
(what you think?)

The few of the only ones i have...

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Written about Monday 2006-02-06
Written: (4820 days ago)

hmmm nothing new.. im bored, i have been writing a story that i will post her sometime, i dunno when though.. w/e ... my feet are cold right now.. i have to go to bed soon, i hate school.. it sucks.. i have learned that i can still play my clarinet *shocked* i havent played in a year or more, but w/e ... i need to put it back up still.. im bored.. does anybody reallly even read my pointless things here??.. well if you do ill just carry on then..


i have been drawing alot lately.. dunno why.. i have been writing and drawing... isnt my life so boring.. oh well.. same old same old day.. ill keep this thing updated on anything new with me..


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Written about Monday 2006-01-30
Written: (4827 days ago)

I got tickets to go see, Nickelback, Chevelle, And Trapt on March 6th ^.^ Its so awsome!! this will be one of the best concerts ever! 3 of my favorite bands together!

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Written about Thursday 2005-12-22
Written: (4865 days ago)

I am bored..im bored enough that im cleaning my room right now, i didnt know it was so messy, oh well.. theres nothing better to do.. i im also trying to find somthing..hmmm

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Written about Thursday 2005-12-15
Written: (4873 days ago)

AGH!! MY LEGS HURT!!!!!!!!!!! >.< STUPID PE!!!!!!!!!! I HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! ... okay yesturday.. or whenever i dunno, in PE i didnt suit out i almost never suit out, and we had to run back and fourth across the gym, then do 50 sit ups with 5 pound weights over our heads then we had to do lundges with the wieghts over our head(i HATE lundges, my legs always hurt really bad) then we had to run for 5 mins with the weights over our heads then 25 more sit ups with the weights! IT SUCKED!!!! right after that i couldnt breathe and i was dizzy and i had a BIG fukin headake IT SUCKED and i had already felt sick that day and that just made me feel worse!.. so i had gone home.. i have gone home alot this year!... wow.....



BANANA PHONE WOOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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