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2006-06-21 03:45:29
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Just some random quotes from my...random friends. ^.^

Lara's Quotes
" If I only weighed a pound, I could hullahoop with a fruitloop!"
"...I weigh more than a pound but..Hey Lydia, wanna come hullahoop with me?"
" Feel bad today, Look good tomorrow."

"No doctor, We Don't need my shocks today."
" LYDIA!!! Chrissy called me Lydia again..."

"I had a revelation."

MaryLynn's Quotes

" Can I be your husband?"

Ashleigh's Quote's    

" Lydia, Why arent you a guy?"
"Eat poop and die."
" you guys match...just like a pair of socks...^_^"
Other People Quote's

"superman can't walk? Thats like aquaman drowning in a bath tub..."


" Dude, you're gay-er than I am!"


"congratulations you won a prize."

"God created man before women because you need a blueprint for perfection..."

"Curtis has a half-million dollar smile...not quiet a million yet."
-Ona (hehe)

"and i'm sure underneath all my "baby fat" there's a body builder"

"...Cake? I like cake. you like cake? I like like Marshmellows? I like marshmellows...I want some cheese."
-Ona (at about 2 in the morning)

Devon's Quotes

"It's a smelly goodie thingy."
"...c'n I just have a brownie instead?"
"...right. Well. When you take
over the world, c'n i have australia?"
"you slept next to the cleaning solvents again didnt you?"

My Quote's

"great, that was so sarcastic it oozed from your words into an audible pool of saterical energy on the floor. Thanks. Now i have to get a mop..."
" Can't you just see the rainbow waves radiating off this guy?!"

"...because evil marshmellow overlords just landed in the radioactive asparagus field behind your house...thats why..."
"well that sucks big fuzzy monkey balls..."
" ...Is your wierd-o-meter on overload or something?"

"your weirder than me...and thats pretty bad."
"all my friends are band geeks..."
" I'm not going to tell me that i know what i did!" 

"The Sexy's make it all better."

"bah bah bah...I'm a sheep."
"What if i steal my dads truck? C'mon i'll even throw in the tool box...*grin*"
(hehe ^^)

"I'm not short, I'm travel size."*grin*
*shakes foot* " got truth on my shoes..."
(something said while talking to Nessi)

"My F@$%ING SOCK!" *makes face*
*note that Ashleigh calls me and Curtis "Socks"*

"i just love being evil"

"oh, yea, somethings overly huge...YOUR EGO!"

"Demented? no, i'm just an active member of the FDCLA; Future Dictators and Communist Leaders of America." *flashes cute smile*

*Jessi kisses cheek*
*hisses* "It BUUUURNSSSSSS!!!! GAAAAH!" *rubs cheek furiously against Liz's shoulder*

"SHINEY! IT'S A SHINEY!...Wait, ITS NOT A SHINEY! It's Ansem...I mean not Ansem...*hisses*" (KH2 it so confusing XP)

"Use the Whooshy thing."

"Seeeeeephyyyyyyy"*drools* (i officially LOVE Advent Children)

*chants*"look at the pretty look at the pretty look at the pretty look at the pretty....oooooOOoOoOOoOooo"

"what you cant see it? its an invisible hippy hobo nest, right there! look! they're making love!"

Nessie Quote's
*raises eyebrow* "Heeey...."
" gay guys turn me on..."
"I love gay people!"
"I'm obessed with gay"
"..but i don't have a boyfriend that happens to be my brother. Wait, what?!"
" dude...the only problem with you dating my brother is now he's gonna be everywhere i am..."
"...curtis has a pokeable butt, not squishy, but pokeable...and i mean that in a very not insest-ish way..."
"'That's why they don't have merry-go-rounds in prison..."

"you act more like a Kinsey everyday..."
(those words...they burn...and made me move very fast...)

"you just have this aura, that makes me want to tell the truth...its like blaeeehhh"

Curtis and Andy-roo Quotes
the so called "masculine" quotes
"that's right i'm the quotiest quotin person you ever quoted a quote upon."                      -Andy-roo
"well, i managed to get everything i really wanted and some, so i would give it a 01,.....Oh wait holding the sign upside down agian. i would give it a 10."

"Ona, you just ate poop!"

"Comedic Dramady..."

"I like catching crabs"

"Well, I'm not buying your shampoo"

"of course we would do it, we are the ones that flew the kite during the hurricane."
-Andy and Curtis

"whee, flying a kite is fun during a hurricane...wait do you hear a train?"


"its like your one big couple."
-Jed (refering to me, Curtis, Lara and Dustin)

"I should rather the term orgy."
-Curtis (refering to Jeds Quote)

"i love curtis too...kay that sounded gay"
-Stephen (LMAO!)

*sigh*" some days..."
-Curtis (seriously though, whaddaya mean "you some days."?????)

"Just think, this is your second to last first day of school ever."
-Andy-roo (thanks, that made me feel SOOO much better)

"Yeah, but think Andy, this is our last first day of school ever too, unless you fail and bring me down with you of course. Muhahahahahhaah. Oh, damn, I forgot about college..."
-Curtis (yet again, commenting on others quotes ^^)

"I'm not telling...its a secret."

"The little dangly thing..."
-Curtis (hehe...^^ he's gonna hurt me for this...)

"*cringes slightly* yes......or no.......UR BOYFRIENDS HOT DONT HURT ME!!"
-Jed (i guess he thought i was mad at nim...^^)

"...and am going to put a computer in it too...
and that is sexer than a truck with a computer in it?"
-Paulsen (taken directly from an MSN convo)

"Coke on Physics not good!"

"Look how clean it made it!"

"You're gonna kill it!"
-Curtis (<--is going to murder me)

"holy fucknuts!"
-Steve <--^^

"OMG IT WAS JIM GORZINHELMINGERSTAVER.!!!!!....didn't u see him, he just walked right beside you!!"
-Steve (^.^;;)

" smells pretty...wait, don't quote that."
-Curtis (hehe, i love you!^.^)

[Celeste of Darksword]

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