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2009-02-01 19:32:27
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Photos from my trailride

1/2 -09
Just some photos from the trailride today :) It took a few hours and was loads of fun!
The images will probably be huge if you click them, so just watch them as they are :)
If you hold your cursor on them, you'll see some coments.

Naw, my sweetheart is ready for the ride! :) Standing between the stable, barns and our house.
My cute boy! :) My car is in the background too here :P
I can't help it, he's adorable!
We're posing. He thinks I'm stupid to care about his headset when he's just standing. Believe it or not, but that skirt is very warm to ride in :P
I look so bored and.. angry! :O But I'm all happy to get going, just fokused..
Hmm.. some troube standing still.. he's eager to go. But we should work on that.
The ice moved and cracked a bit, sounding evil to my little horse :P
That heap of sand above his ears is great to gallop up on.
But we did jump that treebranch far away in the picture before :P
Wow. This is the first time he has ever stopped on me.. I couldn't get him down to the water! Some four feet away he stopped.. Finally I jumped off, lead him down and let him put his front hooves into the water, lead him back up and mounted again...
I love having a horse that just do as it's supposed to as soon as you've said what you wanted and that it's ok.
This is taken beside the pasture, towards our house, after I've let Crow back out.
(You see why it's tempting to ride the horses up and down bareback? :P)

Well, that's aboutit. hehe.. I'm surprised if anyone finds it interesting :P
/ [Zab]

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2010-08-26 [Nioniel]: These are all very beautiful!!!

2010-08-29 [Zab]: Thanks :)

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