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Thursday 2009-07-24

Sauna and Ättestupan.
Janne Noskonen at the sauna... No idea what it it.
Jakob and waffle batter.
Jakob and Rikard
And another Rickard.
Hanna with waffle.
A postcard from Czech Republic!
"Like Amor Amorth says 'Some of us will return'"
*Big picture of male genitalia*
"Stefan tror vi är i Tyskland /Tore" (Eng: Stefan thinks we're in Germany)
"Här är den nyktraste raden! /Simon" (Eng: Here is the most sober line.)

And the post-card came from Ostrava.
Hanna, Mange, Lilith and the Party squirrel.
Guess what... Texas hold'em.
Tore and Jakob.
Oskar, Kristofer and Tore
Jens and people.
[Hedda]. I found some goggles at the table.
Lotta came too.
What does that stain remind you of?
A hedgehog outside of Rydsvägen 244.
At my balcony.

/ [Hedda]

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