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Here's some stuff. Read and look at your own risk.

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2004-06-15 [Veltzeh]: ... eh >_> *sneaks quietly away from [SilverFire]*

2004-06-15 [SilverFire]: :-P Gambit one of my favourite chars

2004-06-15 [Veltzeh]: Well, mine too, but I don't, well, intentionally try to harm him or anything XD

2004-06-15 [SilverFire]: O_o neither do I!

2004-06-15 [Veltzeh]: Well, I'd think stealing him would be more or less harming him in some way XD

2004-06-15 [SilverFire]: O.o *shakes head* nu-uh! I not harm him :-)

2004-06-15 [Veltzeh]: I would be offended if somebody stole me... =P

2004-06-15 [SilverFire]: *grins* I wouldn't. I'd find it highly amusing

2004-06-15 [Veltzeh]: Maybe that's just you, lol.

2004-06-15 [SilverFire]: :-P yes, maybe.

2004-07-07 [SilverFire]: O_o blimeh, organisation-ness... heh... ever Played Diablo 2? the page names kinda remind me of the item sets from that game ^^;;

2004-07-07 [Veltzeh]: Lol. Nope, haven't played it...

2004-07-07 [SilverFire]: heh ^^; fair dues.

2004-07-21 [Blackshire]: =D

2004-07-21 [Veltzeh]: Another one!

2004-10-27 [Kayne]: The story of silverfire getting here sounds sooo familiar. Btw nice wiki.

2004-10-27 [Veltzeh]: Heheh. Thanks. =)

2004-10-27 [Kayne]: You are a gitfed artist. And you have some nice facial hair. ;) .

2004-10-27 [Veltzeh]: Lol, indeed I do! XD Bit like you I see.

2004-10-27 [Kayne]: yuppers. Go us facial hair people.

2005-05-23 [Veltzeh]: OOOH yeah!

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