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2009-12-29 15:16:26
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Travel back to Lkp

I'm going from Ljusdal to Linköping on 2009-12-29. Half the trains were late. The train from Ljusdal didn't start, so I took a bus to Bollnäs. Got to a train there that become 40 minutes late and then finally ended up 1 hour and 5 minute late in Linköping.
That is the queue on Stockholm Central Station to the customer support...
That is the rest of that queue!!!
Golden Retrievers! We didn't have two of them...
We had three in the small space! All lovely dogs.
Lilo didn't mind them at all.
The biking weather in Linköping was better than on journey to ljusdal, but not really perfect, of course...

/ [Hedda]

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2009-12-29 [Nioniel]: Beautiful Goldens!

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