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Alliance of Elven Swords

This wiki is the hub of the Elven Alliance. This is not an RP.

For those of you who don't know about the Alliance, or aren't members, most of the Alliance members all have stories for their characters (they may not be up-to-date, readable, well written, ad nauseam) that are written from the author's point of view. There for the different stories are interesting when the characters meet, b/c you can read it from different character's points of view and that's cool... yea.... ^^

IMPORTANT NOTICE: the time line of the Alliance stories has changed. Me and my Muse have talked (no really, we did, on MSN.) and we decided it would be easier, and a much cleaner time line to go by. this will not effect too much in the stories (as few of you have gotten very far in your stories) but i expect you all to change accordingly. if you have any questions contact me. Thank you
-[Celeste of Darksword]

They are stories, so if your a writer and have a good idea please talk to us (or just do it and then ask about it)!




[Celeste of Darksword] - I'm the Original author, talk to me if you wanna join. the main story line is REALLY full...but talk to me anyway! we can make more than one story line!

[Ryo-oki] - Is said to be the authors muse that she is authors Muse gets prime second spot

[Dulce Vita] - <---I only gave him the third spot because he owns the page...

[Alleria] - LOOK! I AM higher on the food chain!

[Apollo of Crowingblade] - Sweet, number 5 at last. I'd like to thank myself, for not having a job and having extra time!

[Ceres of Laedun] - Hey I'm Lizzie.I'm not the best writer but the sarcasm makes up for it.Ceres is my character.If you want to here about her you gotta read her story since she doesn't come into the Alliance alot.She's one part wood elf one part faerie.You know you want to come to read her.Come witness the insaneness that is Lizzie's mind.Hahahaha!!!!!

[Driden of Duskblade] - the blah blah blah of this jumbled mess of things...

[leah of lightsword] - Kinda of a Co-Creator helpeds author when she has block or needs ideas, I like poultry.

[Aurora Of Moonblade] - The pyro of the group. Stained glass artist, and too random for her own good.

[ceridwen] - The Nessieness

[rshgngnflgn of vasilica] - the confused, silly one. Aww, he's silly. He is now offically a duck.

[tetsuo] - The Genasi(half elf, half elemental)

[Lizisthebest] - One day...I'll be Optimus Prime..just you wait and see

[maggie the pie] Total DITZ... a bit too outspoken... and well still a maze to figure out.

[chuchutrain] - Yay! *sits waving a flag with a giant "YAY!" on it*


[Saun Of ShadowSword] - I am not klutsy.I just gracefully hit the ground!!! ^_^

[.soldier] - Random guy @_@'.

[black worm] - Black Worm the keeper of the Dragons 

[Christia] - Umm? what'd she just say?

[~*~MLA*07~*~] - The Fashion Guru of the group...No j/k.. im just the one who gets pissed easily.. well sometimes and the one who wants to be understood and took seriously

[SpeedWacer] - The wace of the bunch, spreading love and cynicism to the masses.

[Drummin Maniac] - THE drummer of the bunch

[.ash.] - ...

[Deregan] - The new guy. Ultimate Dragon at your service, but I AM a dragon so I will bite back. Part vamp. too. Don't ask how.

[Morfeaohtarawen] - The forigner, i'm so alone in ohio Hehehe....Ohio is for Lovers...*snicker*

[ababy] - im the winny baby of the alliance. *boooooooooo-hooooooooo*

[Darren M] - im dannys boyfriend and a friend of lydias <-- ^^ he's the coolest gay guy on this wiki!...wait...he's the only one....@$^@.......WOOT go me i'm the COOL gay guy... the rest...suck...okay maybe that was a bad choice of wording...

[Everilde]~Otherwise Known as Larien Elensar.[Go Alliance! Yay!]

[-Living two Lives-]- Joel. He's a loser that can't link his own name. (lol, J/k!)

^They WUB us! ~A.S.
(If i put you in the wrong section I'm sorry, that may be due to the fact that you havent writen for a while, or a mistake on my part)


Stories/Alliance Related

The Alliance Stories Index

Alliance Characters - [Ryo-oki]

people of the alliance

*NEW* Alliance Info *NEW*

A Deeper Look

*NEW*Alliance of Elven Swords Banners*NEW*


Appeared once on the The Wiki Awards!


CREATOR: Lydia Simmons a.k.a [Celeste of Darksword]

PAGE OWNER: "Mr.Kinsey" [Dulce Vita] <---Jerk

PAGE IDIOTS: Lara (the squirrel), Danny, Bek bek, Amfomee Patchit (He does his patchiting when rshgngn messes up), Andrew (he does his rshgn.. wait a minute... what.), Steve (He's the new guy) And Joel (The whackiest guy you'll ever mee, but we love him...)

As you may very well have noticed I'm not on ET all that much anymore. So, if you need to discuss something w/ me (the direction of the Alliance, my story, idk what else, etc), I invite you to email me at -- Dulce Vita

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2007-11-21 [maggie the pie]: i havent been on here in three months.. damn i missed a lot.

2007-11-21 [chuchutrain]: O.O wow...I nearly forgot about this place...

2007-11-22 [maggie the pie]: i kinda forgot everything, like my password and shit, it was terrible.

2007-11-22 [chuchutrain]: that must have sucked!

2007-11-22 [Lizisthebest]: wow i seriously swear i said something on here yesterday....hmm...can't remember what it is though...oh well lol

and i'm happy i still remember my password...thats why i stick to a select few so i never have to be like...hmm what the hell was the password for that one..i just have to try like 3 different ones :D

2007-11-22 [chuchutrain]: all my passwords are the same... ^^;; which probably isn't too safe but whatevs.

2007-11-26 [maggie the pie]: mine are all different and there are waaayyyy ttoooo many.

2007-11-26 [.soldier]: All mine are in different languages.

2007-11-26 [chuchutrain]: o.O lol that's probably pretty

2007-11-26 [.soldier]: Just taking extra safety precautions.

2008-02-21 [Lizisthebest]: so where did everyone go that no one really talks on here at all anymore?
i used to like log in to check this nothing changes :(

2008-03-12 [.ash.]: I think most everybody graduated and moved on...Myspace whores the whole lot of them. Just kidding. I'm not sure. We've been on here for so long, and now all of a sudden everybody's gone. Sad day.

2008-03-12 [Lizisthebest]: ya it really is
than again i kind of moved on too but than figured i'd check back lol, what a terrible mistake that was, it pulled me back in :( jk

2008-03-13 [chuchutrain]: ET will do that to you...although I find myself visiting here less and kinda saddens me, but there isn't much to do here for me anymore... :( which is sad.

2008-03-15 [Lizisthebest]: ya i know what you mean....

2008-03-21 [maggie the pie]: i understand that, everyone is on myspace now pretty much, and not speaking really either though so not good ya know? most of us are busy with school and work, and myspace that nobody bothers with ET but atleast i try to update.

2008-03-22 [chuchutrain]: I don't have myspace...haaaa!

2008-03-23 [.ash.]: Well... I wouldn't have a myspace if I didn't join 4 years ago... I joined before it became popular...and I don't want to delete it.

2008-04-15 [Driden of Duskblade]: same here i like it too much it's how i keep up with family i haven't seen for years and the one's that live in different parts of the country or the one's that live in different countries

2008-08-10 [.soldier]: Man...I miss you guys like crazy.

2008-08-21 [Alleria]: HI HI!!!! Just checking in!! It's been a while, but my school's computers won't let me on myspace... grr.. but it lets me on here so .... yay. 

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