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2005-06-11 06:54:43
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tatsukogarasu's photo gallery

click to enlarge--
no trespassing(aslo a rule to the art thieves--bear in mind!)

breath of wood

fluffy green...>>

the path of green

so walk longer

so walk longer *now*

to the riverside

to the riverside 安 *now*

you'll find a monster beneath the waves...

light is ahead

light is anywhere

and an energetic old tree

so you'd better look up to it

or easliy get lost....>>



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2005-06-08 [LvSha]: After I've finished building it...*sits down on the riverside*I'll got to say---1.these are amazing photos~man! least you should do something on this wiki..lazy host...=9

2005-06-09 [Jason(Habib)]: LOL im not sure what to do i will add more photos lol and i want to make image banners liek you have but not LIKE yours lol erm .. yea :P

2005-06-09 [LvSha]: Well,I think the first one is quite could make a thumbnail picture as a banner...or narcissisticly put a cute photo of you as a banner:> did you think of...take that photo*pokes "no trespassing,giggles"*?

2005-06-09 [Jason(Habib)]: lol cute pic of me O_O i dont think theres such a thing lol!! i got the idea cus erm... i was not trespassing O__O lol oops :P lol i thought it was kinda funny i kinda a wish i saved the pics of what was on the other side, it was just a flat fild.. like perfictly flat like fake O__O

2005-06-09 [LvSha]: What are they forbidden to trespassing then?Top secrets?Sounds like some animal protecting

2005-06-09 [Jason(Habib)]: i dont really know lol there was nothing i saw there that would be secret, i dont think there was animal protection, i really dont knwo what it was for there was no big gate or anything just a small fence lol

2005-06-09 [LvSha]: perhaps it trespassing of the fence--it's goverment seem to made here a chatroom?)

2005-06-09 [Jason(Habib)]: LOL it was intersting there like maybe there was something underground but it mustof not been to like importent lol. its ok LOL!!! it makes this wiki seem importent ^___^

2005-11-25 [night-siren]: o wow child i didnt know you were such a pro photographer! cheers!

2007-07-30 [Midnightingale]: These are beautiful, I'm jealous that you were in such a beautiful place.

2008-11-09 [Silver Moon]: pretty woods

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