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My body,My choice
Updated 1/13/07

   This wiki is for all thoughs how agree that it is not okay to force your opinion onto women and force them to have a child that they dont want or to force them to get rid of a child that they do want.

    My opinion is that it is the right of the women who concived the child to choose whether to keep the child or to get rid of the child. If you disagree with this point that is your right by the constitution and i will not take away your rights to free speech if you do not take away my right to choose what goes on in my body.

   I feel that it is wrong for the president to force his personal views on women. He is degrading our rights to freedom of choice and he is concided in doing so. The law says that a baby is a fetus untill it is outside the womb. So abortion does not kill a human beign. It takes a cluster of highly potent cells and removes them from the women and uses them to create new organs that could save a four year old boy from kidney failure or a sixty year old man from parkinsons diesease.
   If you have ever been around a four year old boy who has barley begin to live and already is dying then you would agree with me. If you had to sit there and watch a sixty year old man day by day get worse and worse, and all you could do is watch because some man felt that the right of a bunch of cells was more important than the little boys right to live or the old mans right to live a full uncomprimised life then you go ahead and oppose the right for me and all other women to choose what goes on in here body. See how far you get with that attitude in the land of the free.

All i ask of you is to support my views even if they arnt yours, I support your freedom to say such things but i dont support your freedom to take away mine.

In oregon this past election they tried to pass a notification law that said any girl under the age of 18 that tried to get an abortion would have to have parental notification, And the way to get around the parental notification was a long road and you most likly wouldnt be able to get the abortion because the process takes more then 8 weeks. Because of the Anti- Abortion law that President Bush pushed through the republican controlled congress about partial birth abortion, would prevent a girl from being able to get an abortion. The law also stated that if the notce didn't go out then the doctor, nurse's and the clinic would be sued for malpractice and most likly be shut down for failure to notife a parent. The nurse's and doctors are there for the patients to trust, to tell them things and know that there parents wouldn't find out. Because of Measure 43 the last rights of teenage girls would be gone compleatly.

The Measure 43 failed to get the majority vote... I am glad because it is her body and her choice.

all of you who feel the same as me are free to write what they wish on this page and if you dont feel the same as me then you can write what you want on this page but please be respectful to the views of each individual person the has the freedom to do and say as they wish on this page.... no deleting other peoples views because they are not your own. We are individuals with our own opinions and the fact that we are able to share them with you is a privilege that not everybody in the world has, So enjoy your freedom speech and your ability to say what you think with out being killed or imprisoned for it.

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2006-07-27 [rien151]: but it concerns us because if he gets ahold of a nuclear weapon he could and probably would bomb us

2006-07-27 [TwiztidYoshi03]: That is true... But Im not worrying about it though

2006-07-27 [rien151]: well we should because this is our homeland and if one part is destroyed then a little part of us is destroyed

2006-07-27 [TwiztidYoshi03]: Well I guess so, but see that 9/11 thing didnt effect me none so this wont either

2006-07-27 [rien151]: that is fine but it affected me because i lost some friends on the plane and my aunt works for that airline and i was convinced that she was on that flight

2006-07-27 [TwiztidYoshi03]: Oh... I'm sorry... I see that

2006-07-27 [rien151]: its okay she is still alive

2006-07-27 [TwiztidYoshi03]: Okay thats good ^________________________^

2006-07-31 [rien151]: <(^.^)>

2006-07-31 [TwiztidYoshi03]: =^.^=

2006-07-31 [rien151]: join the kribbies wiki -you obviously like kribbies-

2006-07-31 [TwiztidYoshi03]: XD <.<.. Its suppose to be a kitty cats...XD

2006-07-31 [rien151]: yeah we have kribbie pets too....and we are starting a kribbie WAR -giggles- yes i am disturbed

2006-07-31 [TwiztidYoshi03]: XD I see....<.<...

2006-08-01 [~XxRAYNExX~]: So, you beleive in pro choice, correct?

2006-08-01 [rien151]: yes i do

2006-08-01 [~XxRAYNExX~]: I do as well.

2006-08-01 [rien151]: yay that is good

2006-08-29 [*(.Randi.)*]: edting!!!! yays!

2006-10-16 [rien151]: okay then randi.....
i believe in prochoice.... but your typing is something that i have no faith in.... -laughs- love ya

2008-02-10 [Cyrano meets Merso]: I actually don't have an opinion on this,Im a bit torn,there is freedom on one side,and murder on the other side...I my self believe,since we all have a choice,we should think in front and not get pregnant in the first place.But,it seem that being young and thinking doesn't go together.

I don't agree with you,but I will die while protecting your right to say it-cant remember the name-a French philosopher,name starts with R...

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