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       The literary works of corey fuller.

               Battle Runes

by corey fuller

the day was sliding into night with a wash of blood red color sweeping the horizon. clouds were forming with the sweet promise of rain as Roselwyn surveyed the battlefield.
blood slowly dripped from her sword as she stood stock still, listening. stray magics screamed across the ground, but fell short of her powerful shields.
a man in a bloody, torn, animal hide vest charged her position, a wild look in his glowing yellow eyes. she raised her sword and shifted her feet to meet his assault.
he raised his battered ax high over his head and slashed wildly, missing Roselwyn by inches. two more men materialized from the gloom with axes and charged her.
she thrust with her sword as a third emerged from in front of her as his next swing went wide, he fell with a wet gurgle. the other three saw the dead man at her feet and came for her at once, in a close triangle.
letting loose a bone chilling cry, Roselwyn did a graceful spin and relieved all three of them of their heads. just then she saw more men break from the fierce battle and, thinking that she would be an easier kill,
slowly advanced toward her.
Roselwyn dropped her sword and began forming a ball of fire between her hands.
with a roar the seething mass of fire broke from her hands and shot toward the men approaching her.
as the fire touch them they let out blood-curdling screams and fell to the blood soaked ground, writhing in pain.....

* * *

With a start Roselwyn woke from the dream. and what a strange dream is was! swords and magic! it was as if she had been transported into one of her fantasy novels that she loved to read.
with a groan she rolled over and looked at her bedside clock. 6:30 am. well she might as well get ready for school since she was already awake. after a quick shower and a breakfast of eggs and toast, she went to the
bus stop to wait for her friend. Roselwyn was still wondering about the dream when the bus came around the corner. as it stopped in front, she abruptly realized that her friend was still not at the stop, she shrugged and got on the bus.

the ride to her school was shorter then normal because she was still thinking about the dream. it had seemed so real... with a shudder she recalled the bloody sword in her hand...she had killed people!

the school day was pretty much the same as it was yesterday, except that there was a new kid in her class...a strange girl with long white hair and bright green eyes. she stared at Roselwyn the whole day, which creeped her out. the final bell rang and the new girl got up from the desk and walked over to the chalkboard. she turned and looked her right in the eyes and smiled tentatively before drawing strange symbols on the black
surface. Roselwyn stood as she recognized some off them...she tried to run for the door before the girl finished drawing, but it was like she couldn’t move. with a lurching feeling in her belly the classroom dissolved around them until only blackness remained. when Roselwyn opened her eyes, she was stunned to find that she was in the middle of a sunlit meadow. her cloths were different and she looked a few years older. the girl with white hair was now a woman well into her late twenties.

"greetings and well met, Roselwyn, welcome to EverMoor." she said. her voice was like the perfect blend of an alto purr and a whispering wind. Roselwyn stood, shaking her head.

"what just happened? i mean we were in school and now we are....only God knows where!" this couldn’t be real...
she thought her dream was weird, but this trumps that completely.

"my name is Evelyn of the first. i brought you here to live, and to learn of that which only you can affect change. the dream i sent you was only too real. it was a vision of you in the future,
doing great things in my name. in your world you are nothing more then a child, but in mine you are one of the most powerful of my chosen, my champions of magic." 

Roselwyn frowned and asked, " chosen? champions? what are you babbling about??"

Evelyn smiled and raised her left hand. "so that you might kill in my name." a shining silver sword fell from thin air to land at her feet. "so that you might be safe in my embrace, for with it you shall not parish."
a gleaming suit made from glossy rings tumbled to the ground, also from thin air. "and finally, so that you can defend those in need." Evelyn's eyes flashed and seemed to boil in her sockets.
she reached out her hands and placed them on Roselwyn's shoulders. her whole body shook with the force of unrelenting magical power. "you will come to a state of mind where all the magics of EverMoor will
forever be at your command." with that said she seemed to fade into a cloud of shimmering dust and was gone.

Roselwyn picked up the armor and pulled it over her head. she was pleased to find that it fit her like a second skin and weighed almost nothing. the same was found about the sword. the hilt
seemed to be formed to her hand and it was like waving a feather...

she heard the sound of horses in the distance, accompanied by the shouts of men and the baying of hounds. Soon it was clear what they were chasing, as a ragged man in tattered clothing stumbled into the meadow. His wild eyes rested on her for a moment as men on horses flooded into the bright sunlight.

The man looked around with a frantic need to escape. He turned back to Roselwyn, “ will you help me? Your armed and you look capable enough...please?”

the man leading the horsemen raised his hand and the dogs went still. “ my lady, the man before you is a wanted criminal. Will you step aside or do we bring you in as well?” his stern manner and the lack of any warmth in his face made Roselwyn's skin run with a shiver of fear. She hadn’t been in EverMoor longer then an hour and already something happened!

She stood to the side and shook her head, “what is he charged with? What are his crimes?”
the man seemed to think for a moment,  

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