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get your naked night back on elftown
[your naked night]

This is why:

Matt is a good lad, yeah he was a dick head when he was young, he's 22 now and wouldn't hurt a fly or be a dick to anyone, (unless it was to protect our son or me) and it seems a bit harsh banning him for this long I am not going to cry out for him to be unbanned as I understand both sides so I can't really take a side, he has been aloud to join back up to Elfpack with a new account so why can't the same happen here, and also then it is an Extra member for Elftown.

He is also a great Dad and has matured a lot.

Thanks for Reading:


PS: if you have a problem with this, then discuss it with me through pm, not here.

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2011-04-28 [Akayume]: *allowed

Aloud means, "with the normal tone and volume of the speaking voice, as distinguished from whisperingly" (as stated by :D

2011-05-04 [djxmonster]: Yeaaaah.... so he got himself banned on EP AND ET? Good luck

2011-05-04 [kians mummy]: yeah

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