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Thursday 2009-09-29. I was late to HerrgÄrn so I couldn't get in because of queue. So I went home to Adam for some pre-party instead.
Adam at his corridor.
And with flash. That's an Irish stout and a wine-predrink.
A tiny queue at HG. Took 5 minutes or so.
Peter and Sebastian. Yes, that's really her name... Not 100% sure about the spelling though.
[Hedda] and Toma.
And the French guy. Napoleon [@fb100000213745265]
Vojta and

They had been watching St Louis NHL-team beat the crap out of LHC.
With those red things, Jonne gets popular.
Hedda and Marta. She's one big lady! Well fed on Mexican cattle and tequila, I guess. Because photos never lie...
Afterparty. Vacuum massage in the face and I don't know what...
More vacuuming.
Natalie and the gang.

/ [Hedda]

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