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2008-03-20 06:43:57
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dancing kribbies

It is now time for the dreaded kribbie wars -Dum Dum DUM-
for the battle to take place it is a free for all... Choose sides carefully and make alliences for you never know... they may save you or DESTROY YOU - BUHAHAHAHAHA-

kribbie wars

Look! Dancing Kribbies! :P



<( " )>



<( " )>

(v " )>



<("<)     <(@@)>

(>")>   <(@@)>

(^")>  <(@@)>

^(")^ <(@_-_-_-_-_-_-_@)>



"Ta Da!"

Hi welcome to the dancing kribbies wiki
I created this site for all of those who wish to try there hand at their own personal dancing kribbie.

Please no inapropriate kribbies... of course there will be a kribbie dance off for the members but we need more than just me... well i guess this is good-bye for now.'^'(")>[ bye - bye]

<(l.l)> [{ uhhh rien says i have to introduce you to the kribbies that have been created... my name is confuzzled and i am your host to the kribbie world-giggles-}]

@<(")>@ [cheerleader kribbie]

<(@.@)> [confused kribbie]

<(@o@)> [hungry kribbie]

<(*.*)> [stunned kribbie]

<(x.x)> [dead kribbie]

<(8.8)> [not sure]

<($.$)> [greedy kribbie]

@<('O')>@[omg a hungry cheerleader...that is a first]

<(T.T)> [crying kribbie...poor kribbie]

<{','}> [you dont wanna know]

<(-_-)> [Blanck faces are so cool]

<(?.?)> [clown kribbie]

<(^.^)> [happy kribbie]

<(!_!)> [I don't know anymore..T.T]

@<( '0' )>@ [I think the hungry cheerleader ate too much]

-]<("<)(")(>")>[- [ fighting kribbies]

((O(>-<)O)) [kribbie with problems]

<(^-_-_-_-^)> [very hungry kribbie]

<(%)> [kribbie issues]

<(~-~)> [blinded kribbie- eyes poked out-]

<('w')> [Pretty kitty kribbie -pets the kitty-]

\(yoy) [look its a dog-plays fetch-]

<(:D)> [Snowcone kribby!!]

<(^_-)> [awww....this kribby is missing an eye!]

<( l )> [The kribby is mooning us!]

[Young children, look away! 'Cause it is.....]
<( () )> [ The talking butthole!!! *dun dun DUN*]

<(-.-)> [A singing kribby!]

<(._.)> [Marbles for eyes ._. Its the new trend you should try it]

<(O.o)> [You don't wanna know...]

<(O_O)> [le shock]

<(O.O')> [le sweat]

<(>.>;)> <(<.<;)> [check both ways before crossing the street]

<(:..:)> [The Kribby is a mute]

( ^.^ ) [The kribby is deaf.]

<( . )> [And the kribby is blind.]

m (^o^) m [kribbi hanging on for dear life]

<( O.O )> [Too much coffee.]

<( o.o )> [Kribby is fasinated by the hyper kribby above.]

<( O.o )> [i dunno]

<( o.O )> [See above.]

<(-.-)>  [slepping kribbie] (can't believe no one though of that one)

<(.'.)> [upside down kribbie]

<('.')> [at a loss for words/confused kribbie]  

<(X_X)> [Dead kribbie!]

<(=.=)> [omg the kribbie has four eyes!]

<(~.~)>v [Drunk kribbie]

<(x.o)~ [Pirate kribbie!]

<(-_-')> [sad depressed kribbie]

d[-_-]b [listening to music]

(>*O*<) [burping kribbie]

dancing kribbies members

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2008-05-02 [*(.Randi.)*]: *whips out dis-infectant* That's the reason why I bring this with me everywhere.

2008-05-03 [Cyrano meets Merso]: nope,that helps with germs,virus nope...but there is a cure...

2008-05-04 [Barnangel]: i gotta here this... *walks behind bullet proof glass with rien and goddess* so tell us about this cure...

2008-05-08 [Cyrano meets Merso]: *slouches back*

2008-05-09 [*(.Randi.)*]: *folds arms* Well??

2008-05-09 [Cyrano meets Merso]: aw did you ask me something?well a nice warm chocolate would be a good conversation starter...*whistles*

2008-05-10 [rien151]: *grabs you round the neck and hoists you against the wall* You will tell me or I will tell the cook not to give you warm chocolate... but more like warm dog shit

2008-05-11 [Cyrano meets Merso]: *puppy eyed and a voice similar to helium* ok ok,chill people, you just need to eat this*digs through pockets*...a sec...nope,nope,not that,a-a,aaaaaaa so thats where I put it...nope ah here it is*raises a carrot in the air*TADA!

2008-05-13 [*(.Randi.)*]: *eyebrow* A carrot?

2008-05-13 [rien151]: *squeezes tighter* Are you fooling us and trying to get us to eat something that would harm us... DON'T LIE TO ME... I CAN FEEL YOUR HEART BEAT AND WILL KNOW!!!!!

2008-05-14 [*(.Randi.)*]: *other eyebrow*

2008-05-16 [Cyrano meets Merso]: *turns from red to purple, green and than red again*uh your no fun at all Rien! Yeah, really carrot...bacon is good, and chocolate too, but it doesn't help, but you should eat it...its good...but carrot will stop your body from falling apart in emence agony and pain...unleas you want just don't know nowadays...those emos and whatnots...

2008-05-18 [*(.Randi.)*]: *eats carrot*

2008-05-24 [Cyrano meets Merso]: and its good for your eyes and much much more...takes another one out and gives it to Rien...see,its not that bad*waves it left and right*see?common...see?

2008-06-02 [*(.Randi.)*]: I . . .. hate. . . .carrotts. They. . . .make. . . .me. . .
angry! You. . . wouldn't. . . want. . . to. . .see. . . .me. . . ANGRY!! *turns into the hulk*

2008-06-05 [Cyrano meets Merso]: Oh my...that can't be good...well lets be happy she is wearing streach undies*phiew*...I have some chocolate now that you are curred?

2008-06-09 [*(.Randi.)*]: okay. . .*sheepish* Sorry about that. I can't control it.

2008-08-24 [Cyrano meets Merso]: is now officially scared for Rien151*

2008-08-30 [rien151]: Rolls eyes seriously guys carrots make you turn into the hulk.... wow you should be orange not green *giggles and takes medication*

2008-09-10 [Barnangel]: seriously... you guys are whacked... and riens right... you overlooked small details

2008-09-10 [Cyrano meets Merso]: she is right...maybe she was a green kind of way...XX)

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