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Made a blue fox hat. I like it. ^^

/ [Flisky]

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2014-07-18 [Nioniel]: Holy shit, that's adorable. Good job!

2014-07-18 [Figgy]: Cute :3 Wish I could sew >_>

2014-07-18 [Flisky]: Figgs, I would totally trade you art for a hat. ^_^ (Your art is so much better than mine...)

2014-07-18 [Figgy]: XD Sure, I'm up for it.

2014-07-18 [Flisky]: Would you want a proper animal hat? Or embroidery? Oooo, I could make a black and silver (or gold) X-Men hat! Sorry, getting ahead of myself here.

2014-07-18 [Figgy]: XD You could PM me with what kinds of hats you can do :3

2014-07-18 [Flisky]: *salutes*

2014-07-18 [Avaz]: For some (obvious) reason, my first thought was, "Hi Sonic!"

2014-07-18 [Flisky]: That's what everyone is saying. ^_^

2014-07-18 [Avaz]: Hat+blue+ears = hedgehog, clearly.

2014-07-18 [Flisky]: That's because you all are brainwashed.

2014-07-18 [Avaz]: Clearly.

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