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All Things 80's Cartoons Contest


Run by the [Lady of Lore]

Deadline will be 10 Entries

Disclaimer: this contest is done purely out of fun, these images would fall under fan art so be sure to credit the original sources.

You know you used to watch those old 80's cartoons...Smurfs, Scooby Doo, Jonny Quest, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Berenstien Bears, Care Bears, Danger Mouse, and the list goes on and on. Well this contest is in honor of those cartoons but there is an unusual twist to this. It would be too easy to just do fanart of the cartoons so to make this a true challange and fet of learning you have to take an 80's cartoon show, use any of the characters and draw them as an 80's band!
Yes! You heard me right!

-You have a few options here:
<img50*0:> You can use an existing band and model the cartoon characters after them.
<img50*0:>You can just make the cartoon characters look like a typical 80's band.

Now I realise some of us are younger and don't know too many bands and cartoons so I've provided links that list some of them. So no excuse! Give it a try! You can only learn from this contest so why not give it a go? Have fun!

Saturday Morning Cartoons!


The Rules:
<img50*0:>No voilating uploading art rules.
<img50*0:>Art must be your own, collaberations are ok.
<img50*0:>Art that does not follow the theme will be moved.
<img50*0:>No photomanipulations, that would be too easy. You gotta actually try this one.
<img50*0:>All other mediums are accepted, pencil, ink, color, computer colored....

If you have any questions ask!

Entries follow this format:
Band: (if any)

1. [xoxBABYxox5101]
Cartoon: Care Bears
Band: Devo
Img: <img0*200:>

2. [lraina]
Cartoon: Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears
Band: a flock of seagulls

3. [Hobbit teen]
Cartoon: Scooby Doo Adventures (animated series)
Band: The Clash

Back to All Things 80's
For some inspiration and ideas go to Saturday Morning Cartoons!

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2007-01-17 [Lothuriel]: I totally stink with direction. Try this wiki and see if it helps.


2007-01-27 [lraina]: ok I have mine I have to put it on MS paint and clean up the erase marks

2007-03-27 [Iron-Man-429]: Im entering this.

2007-03-30 [Lady of Lore]: Yay! I need to get up an example picture.....soon, it's on my to do list

2007-03-31 [lraina]: oh iv been soo busy i forgot to enter XD

2007-04-01 [Lady of Lore]: plenty of time still

2007-06-12 [Lady of Lore]: Hee hee, Gummy Bears!

2007-06-15 [Perplexity]: Lotta love for the gummies!

2007-06-16 [Lothuriel]: I need to advertise this more.

2007-06-18 [Lady of Lore]: We both shall ^_^

2007-07-07 [Hobbit teen]: so can I do a scooby doo version of Ozzy Osborne? also how many enteries can you enter?

2007-07-10 [Lady of Lore]: Hmmm...two entries sounds fair to me ^_^

2007-07-10 [Hobbit teen]: kk thats cool so the scooby pic i did is right for this was supposed to be a mix of the clash and scoobydoo...

2008-07-23 [Lady of Lore]: Contest is coming to a close soon, anyone still working on entries? (You have till the end of this month)

2008-07-23 [Lothuriel]: I am scannerless at the moment.

2008-07-24 [Lady of Lore]: Take a picture! ^_^ If my scanner is giving me grief I use my digital camera. :P

2008-09-25 [Daisy le Fleur]: Pam this contest is still running?

2008-09-25 [Lothuriel]: As far as I know.

2008-09-25 [Daisy le Fleur]: OH damn, I thought you were running bad!

2008-09-25 [Lothuriel]: Well I am running the 80's wiki but, [Lady of Lore] is running the show here.

2008-09-25 [Lady of Lore]: My bad! Yes the contest is till running. i've got to change the deadline.

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