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Yuriona Stock Set 2 - Fears

Who passed by in the night? Footprints are but a clue, a hint of one who watches.
Calm and serene, who knows what lies beneath the surface.
Wind and waves, no living soul save the birds and fish for miles.
Desolate and undisturbed but appearances can be deceiving.
A home lies in the distance but can that distance be travelled?
A common mushroom, said to be quite tasty. Care for a bite?
Stopping for a rest, I wonder what those large eyes can see.
A quiet place and a great place to fish. Just don't forget your life jacket.
Tent caterpillars creep from a silken nest, their insatiable appetites bringing death to their innocent hosts.
On Hallow's Eve, the Jack O'Lantern keeps away unwanted spirits.
Night descends and the sun's dying rays caress one sky borne cloud while all else is clothed in shadow.
Their wings keep them aloft and out of reach but come to close to what they hold dear and they become fierce protectors.
Moving at his own pace, his armoured home upon his back but even armour can't guarantee safe passage.
Made by man's hands, by man's hands it will be undone.
What secrets lie beyond the door? And do you really wish to know their answer?

/ [Yuriona]

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